Wednesday, March 6, 2013

9/52 - Swing Time

Tully - maiden voyage in the swings

Flynn - staying still for 5 seconds

I forgot to do this post yesterday because we were too busy playing at the park ( and spring cleaning the loungeroom - that bit wasn't as fun ). It was a beautiful sunny day so, after being cooped up inside all last week with the ugly weather, we headed out for the morning.
Tully had her first ever go on the swings, and the slippery dip ( she didn't exactly giggle her head off, but she didn't cry either. Give her a month or two and I'm pretty sure she'll love them ); Flynn run around like a chicken with its head cut off ( as usual ); Grandma and I ate morning tea in the sun; and then we all fed the ducks.

Overall, much better than the cabin fever we were suffering last week and, if the weather stays nice and mild for another month or two, I predict plenty more mornings playing in the park....

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  1. How lovely! Now the weather is better here too but we have all been laid up with a foul cold so the cabin fever continues...send reinforcements...and booze...

    1. That was us last week - and come Friday night a few glasses of cider were very welcome!

  2. She does look like she enjoyed the swinging. The swings are Mia's fave part of the park, she sooks to get on and then she sooks when she has to get off!