Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Brighten Someone's Day

* this is a sponsored post in which I was gifted a product. Got it? OK, let's proceed....

If you follow my personal page on Facebook, you would be well aware that everyone in my house has been suffering from some horrible cold/flu/buggy thing for the past week. It started Sunday afternoon with Flynn and Mick snuffling and coughing; by Tuesday poor Tully had a nose like a dripping tap; and then Wednesday evening i felt a sore throat coming on and knew I had succumbed to the dreaded lurgy aswell.

So come Thursday morning it was lovely to receive these:

And what may those be, you ask? A beautiful arrangement of flowers from Interflora.  On the card, the team from Interflora had written ' we hope these flowers brighten your day! '..... And they sure did! After four days straight of crying, snotty, coughing, miserable children and a husband who was snoring like a freight every night a sweet bunch of oriental lillies was exactly what I needed to cheer me up. I sat them in the lounge room where I could see them every time I got coughed on, or sneezed at, or felt like my head was officially going to explode. And a beautiful bunch of flowers is the gift that keeps on giving because over the next few days they went from that up there, to this:

So pretty! So sweet smelling! So pink and girly and fun! So the next time you want to brighten someone's day, whether they live in the next cubicle, around the corner or on the other side of the country, head on over to the Interflora website and choose that person something special. And pretty! And pink!


  1. Special and pretty and pink, oh my! They are lovely and interflora is always my go to when sending flowers anywhere other than here.

  2. Love them! How gorgeous!

    Mia and I have had the same thing the last week as well, I am only just now starting to feel better, Saturday was the worst, I could hardly breathe, and not being able to take anything but a worthless panadol to try and help with the headache really sucked!