Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Break In Proceedings

So normally I write a few blog posts over the weekend and then schedule them for during the week. However, I have been a wee but distracted this weekend last so today I'm just popping in quickly to say....

* I have been busy cleaning out cupboards and drawers, a spring cleaning in autumn, if you will.
* All this cleaning and sorting is in readiness for a plan that I am yet to reveal to y'all... Stay tuned!
* My duel fitness challenges are going... OK? Maybe? I have hardly exercised at all in the past fortnight due to everybody in my house being ill, and then all the cleaning is taking up my time, but I'm sticking with the low calorie eating.
* I haven't lost much weight at all so far but I have lost 6cm from my waist in 5 weeks, so that's something.
*  I will be back to regular IBOT programming tomorrow - as long as I can find time this evening to write a post!
* But now - to tackle Mt Washing-ton!


  1. Hmmm scheduling hey....I think I need to have a go at this instead of staring blankly at my screen....

  2. The only reason why I've gotten posts out the last two weeks is because I had a day of inspiration a few weeks back and managed to write like 5 or 6 posts that I could schedule. Sadly though my rash of scheduled posts is coming to an end I am hoping for the inspiration stick to bash me over the head very soon!

    And new project? Ok you have me super intrigued, can't wait to find out what it is!