Thursday, January 31, 2008

If i only had a brain...

...Or, more correctly, someone else's. Someone specifics actually. See, Dr Sonny/ Mr Dan ( or should it be the other way around? ) has set his readers a little homework challenge - to post as if we could borrow his brain for one entry. Personally, i think we'd need his heart too because a person's perspective is not just based on what they know, but thats entirely a different point. I choose not to use his offered subject, but rather, Christmas morning breakfast as it happened this past holiday season.....


Christmas morning, my brothers house. Its only the second time i'd actually been there and it seemed like the tiniest little house in the world. Possibly because it is a small house, but it probably had more to do with the fact he decided to cram so many people in there all at one time. 13 of us in fact, all jammed into the loungeroom and adjoining kitchen. I mean i would have felt as if my personal space had been somewhat invaded if it was only our family, but his wife's family aswell ? Sharing a seat with his sister-in-law and having to hang a cheek at 8am in the morning isnt all that appealing, even if it is in the spirit of Christmas. Especially seeing as she cracked the shits at our neice ( she's 2 years old mind you ). I mean i'm no expert on kids, frankly kids are great as long as you can hand them back, but even i know 2 year olds play favourites when it comes to presents. They dont care that you just bought them a $80 present, that you think its really great and god, you spent so much money on it, doesnt it make you the best aunty ever ? No, they care that someone else is now handing them something else to unwrap and that the empty box just may be the greatest part of that present too. You cannot crack it with a toddler when they act, well, like a toddler. Although it did kind of make me oddly happy that my neice loved ME enough to share her bacon - even if she was just tearing into strips and stacking on my empty plate...

I was also a little frusturated with my uncle's new girlfriend. The woman barely said a word, or looked anyone in the eye.... whats up with that? Sure, she'd not met any of us before, but it's not that hard to open your mouth and make conversation is it ? The fact that it was Christmas even gave her a perfect opening for discussion - " Hey, I'm Lisa, how are you going ? Merry Christmas! ". But no, she just sat on the lounge, near about clinging to his leg for dear life. I tried to get her to open up but to no avail - i just dont get people who find it so hard to get along socially.

Breakfast itself was ok - bacon, sausages, eggs, tomato, toast - all that stuff that we like to eat but probably shouldnt, but not much variety. And not very festive either. I chose to sit on the floor with my neice, partly because all the seats at the table were just about to be taken, but also because i wanted a break from all the family type person's invading my space and being all cheery first thing in the morning. My neice talks quite a bit but its just baby pyscho-babble, stuff i didnt really need to listen to. Kind of a like a radio tuned into static....

Short and sweet i know, but i didnt want to delve too deeply into that confused mind of yours....


  1. I will confess I haven't read through properly, but I also want a new one.

    Errr - ozzie details coming soon.

  2. i loved it! Especcialy if you read it quickly, it definitely flows! How many times did you have to look up the Word thesaurus? I do at least once per entry.

  3. WEll thank you very much, i tried my darndest to getinto your mindset... and i hardly ever use the Thesaurus, but quite often check the dictionary to make sure i actually know what i'm talking about :)