Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh My Good Lady Gaga!

Holy. Guacamole. Seems i created a bit of a shitstorm and i didnt even realise. ( As an aside, this post will contain swearing so if you're adverse to that kind of thing, avert your eyes now ).

See, almost 12 months ago i wrote a post entitled " 7 Reasons Why I Hate Lady Gaga ". August 11th of 2009 i wrote this post and, today, i had reason to check back on it ( prompoted by a question posed by Kylie at A Study In Contradictions ) and...... there are 146 comments on that post. 146 FREAKING COMMENTS. I know some people found the post by Googling " i hate lady gaga " but i'm thinking someone must have linked to my post somewhere because the most recent comment was only made on July 15th of this year so - what the hell? So I decided i was going to sit and read these comments and boy oh boy did my little post cause a ruckus.

I imagine this is the look the Lady would shoot me from atop her throne after my last Gaga post...

The majority of the 146 comments are from rabid Gaga fans, baying for my blood. ( ok, not quite, but after reading some of those comments i'm suprised i didnt score any death threats ). I got called, in no particular order: a fat whore, a jealous bitch,a stupid retard, a cunt and, amusingly, a tranny ass. None of which has actually hurt me because i understand that these people are only trying to defend a woman that they fanatically love. However, i would like to give a very special shoutout to Anonymous, who was brave enough to post this in reply to my original post:
Get toxic shock syndrome and die you stupid cunt. You're ridiculous, you feign intelligence, and apparently you have something against teacups -- hopefully your uncle molested you during one of your tea parties as a kid. You're a moron.
Thank you Anonymous, well said. If i only i were intelligent as you quite obviously are, perhaps i would understand the utter brilliance of Ms Gaga. and would never have had the gall to express my quite offensive opinion in the first place. I would also like to thank those commenters who agreed with me, and understood that freedom of speech allows me to say i dislike someone ( especially when one of the primary reasons is because she carried around a teacup. Which she's stopped doing. Thank Gawd. )

So, i'm hoping that this post draws out another 140-odd comments. If you are a Lady Gaga fan please note that everything in this post and the original was intended as tongue-in-cheek. I dont " hate " Lady Gaga - sure, she annoys me for the aforementioned reasons, but truth be told " Telephone " is quite the catchy song. Oh, and before any of you tell me to get a life, or stop hiding behind my computer screen, i implore you to stop and think that you are taking the time to bite back at me ( thus taking up moments of your life, same as i have ) and you will be doing it from behind your own computer screen. That being said, try and remember not to take everything so seriously - some of us don't, and my regular readers certainly understood the " humour " behind my original post ( for further evidence of said humour, please scroll down the page and check out my campaign against jeggings... ).
Viva la Gaga!


  1. Oh my word. You did cause a ruckus didn't you!!! I love how all of the really erudite comments are from Anonymous. :)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA X457821. This post made my day. Scrap that, my entire year! I can't believe those nutbags took the time out to write such nasty things to you just because you don't like their messiah? Riiiight ... and you're the retard huh? ;)

  3. Isn't it nice to inspire such debate??? I had to go back and look at the original post again as I commented on it fairly early on before the ruckus began!

    I still stand by what I said about Lady GaGa. I enjoy her music, but her persona grates on me. I think she is potentially a musical genius and some of her videos have been awesome, but her clothes and little peculiarities do irritate.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As far as I can see, you didn't slag off her fans. Was there any need for them to slag YOU?

  4. Oh that is too funny! Talk about a storm in a they all are, getting all worked up.. and you don't even know. Idiots.

    And re: Abby- I don't even know how, but her PR woman emailed me through the blog and asked if I wanted an interview.. not going to say no to that!!

  5. lmfao well said! She annoys the hell out of me too! And I was reallllyyy po'd when she did that video and had the crutches like a crippled. It looked like she was making fun and I was not liking it. I went on gaga strike for a bit after that!

  6. lol aaah the joys of the internet. I wonder if my matchbox/rob thomas friends would do the same if someone said they hated them hehehe