Monday, August 22, 2011

Each Piece Tells A Story

So - guess who's started sleeping in a big boy bed?

No, not Mick, he still has to share one with me (ha! ). No, no, at the tender age of almost-20 months we have decided the time is right to put Flynn into a " big boy bed ". No more cot, and no graduation to a toddler bed ( i cant justify the cost of a toddler bed... ) - just straight from cot into a standard sized single bed. A solid, retro style tubular bed, which has long ago been repainted blue. Why "long ago " and "repainted ", you ask? Because Flynns very funky new big boy bed used to be.... mine. Its been recycled and repurposed, thanks to the very generous donation of my parents and my sister ( who previously had it in the spare room of her old flat ).

Ignore all the spare blankets and bags of clothes stashed under the new big boy bed....
This bed started out life as a set of steel tubular style bunk beds, in a lovely, girly fairy floss pink ( as was chosen by my parents. I've never been much of a pink girl myself ). When i outgrew the novelty of bunk beds my very handy Dad decided to be thrifty, took the bunks out to the garage and, using an angle grinder and some precise measurement, sliced the bunk bed in half - resulting into two solid single beds. Not being a super fan of pink - and being a moody girl in her early teens by this time - i chose to repaint them blue. And now almost 15 years later, one of those repurposed bunk beds has ended back in my possession, and is a very reliable ( if not slightly pink flecked in places ) first big boy bed for my little man. Hows that for recycling?

A little toy corner - a mini wheely bin full of stuff, plus a book shelf of plush toys...
And hey - it may not be the coolest piece of very retro, almost vintage furniture to ever see the light of day, but at least it has a heartwarming story....


  1. This. Is. Awesome!

    I love material possessions that have a life, a story, a soul. This bed is one of them!

  2. We are nearly ready to make the transition too. As soon as Pebble recovers from this never ending sickness and stops sleeping in our bed. We have her cousins old cot now, which can be used as a toddler bed. Or we have her cousins old single bed to choose from. Decisions, decisions. I love the story of this bed, so much more meaning than some designer bed from a fancy shop.

  3. Argh the big bed such a special moment. Im so glad it went well and that you have a special little something to pass onto Flynn.

  4. Love the thought of Flynn sleeping in your old bed. And wow to the move to it! Let me know how you get on, I'm contemplating taking the side off the cot with Miss P soon but I'm terrified! Like Flynn, she'll be going straight into a normal sized bed, we can't justify the price of a toddler bed either.

  5. I hope he enjoys his new bed! :-)

  6. Oh I love that you could reuse your old bed- that is great!

    How is he at staying in there?

    We just recently turned Noah`s cot {he is just 20 months too} into a toddler bed by taking off the side and lowering part of it so he can climb in and out himself.

    He really needs a single bed too but we haven`t gone to buy one yet. So far he is good at staying in the bed too.

    We need Noah`s cot for Shion soon so definitely have to buy the bed soon- so far smooth transition though so hopefully he will move into a big boy bed without issues.

    Shion is getting to big for the tiny portacot we use for him at the moment!

  7. Love it! Almost every piece of furniture in my house has been given to me from friends or relatives, they all have astory. And while my house may not be the most stylish, it has history and that's the way I like it.

    My fav piece (although it is falling apart very quickly and may need to be replaced sooner rather than later) is our dining room/backroom table. Mum gave it to us when we bought our house and it used to be our dining room table. It's got so many marks and scratches on it, but when she gave it to us she told me we were forbidden from sanding it back or painting over it as every mark and scratch told a story and that's what gave it it's character!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this post. Old beds with history are the best beds.

    Also, your kid is too cute - just fraped you for the first time in months and he's so big now!

    Lastly, I love your little artwork in Flynn's room. Those pups on the wall? Awesome.

    PS: is it just because I'm a Saffa that the bed being so close to the window freaks me out? I dunno... here in SA you give a person enough room to run like the wind should someone break in...

    Love to you my FFL xoxo

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