Monday, August 8, 2011

Come Back Sunshine!

So we had a great week of sunshine and laughs last week and then this week.......back to crappy cold, wind and sleety rain. Booo! So, in an effort to keep the sunshiney spirit alive and kicking, please enjoy these photos of my boychild at one of the local parks last Wednesday. We had the park to ourselves ( just me, him, and my sister, his Aunty Pippy ) and although he needed a bit of help to climb up on the jungle gyms, he had an absolute ball....
Preparing to slide down the "dip " all by himself. You dont want to see how poor Bruce the Teddy went down ( he got a shove to the back and ended up in the dirt... )

The swings are Flynns favourite. In fact, he enjoys swinging back and forth and throwing his head back so much i couldnt get him to look at me for a photo.

Flynn is finally starting to learn that when someone points a camera at you, you look and you smile. This is his biggest and best smile so far. ( And look how his chubby cheeks make his eyes disappear... cute! )

Showing off his muscles - which are huuuuuuuuuge!

Exploring the playground on his trike. What better way to get around when there are no other kids to get in the way?

And now utilising the actual bike/trike path. He's a on a highway to... the swings probably. Or some more chips out of his snack bag.

Aww....looking like such a big boy. Cant believe there is only 4.5 months til he turns 2!


  1. OMG where did that handsome little boy come from!! He is a proper little boy now! Hope the sunshine returns soon so you can get out there and enjoy it :)

  2. Hi from a first time visitor. How gorgeous is your wee boys smile in these photos :)