Friday, August 5, 2011

The Start Of A Journey

So - today is exactly 3 months until my wedding. 3 measly little months - but for all the little things i have to do in the meantime, it may aswell only be three days. But this post is not about wedding preparations... no, today i want to pose a question. Some of you may or may not be able to answer it, but it is really more about me getting things off my chest and out of my headspace.

So.... how long did it take you to fall pregnant after you stopped taking the Pill? Or more to the point - how long will it take me?
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I've found myself really starting to think - and to worry - about trying to conceive this last week or so. I know this will sound petty to the beautiful few of you who have been TTC for years, and havent yet been blessed.... but i'm trying to figure out when to stop taking the Pill to give myself the best chance of conceiving by the end of the year.

There is the notion that it takes a month or two for the hormones in the Pill to leave your system, so maybe i should stop it now - but then there is the advice i read that says you only have to miss one single, solitary little pill for your body to start ovulating, which means you could fall pregnant straight away. I tend to believe the later. Why? I was ON the Pill when i fell pregnant with Flynn. From memory i think i missed two pills one weekend ( i had gone to stay at Micks and forgot to take them with me ) and though we were "careful " i managed to fall pregnant in those two days. ( I think that is partly what upset my ex-best friend so much - she had, unbeknownst to me, been trying hard for a while to have a child with no success, and i'd done it with no intention, and at the drop of a hat ).

But thats the thing - i acknowledge that it was incredibly against the odds for me to fall pregnant after being unintentionally off the Pill for two days. I was ( even though it wasnt planned ) extremely lucky. Surely i cant be that lucky again, second time round? I cant just assume that because my body adjusted itself so quickly that time, that it will be able to do so again. I'm hoping that i can, staying on the Pill, have a period the last week in October, get married the first weekend in November, and then fall pregnant on my honeymoon, or by Christmas at the latest. Thats the dream scenario - no period craziness for my wedding and honeymoon, and pregnant within a two month window.

Am i reaching for the stars here? Am i going to be beyond devastated if it doesnt all fall into place so easily? I've been wanting another child for months now, been getting clucky ( and jealous ) for every woman i know who's fallen pregnant while i wait to fit into my wedding dress. I've watched Flynn cuddle a 4 week old baby, i've watched him stroke the babys fluffy head, and say softly " aww, baby ", and i've wanted for it to be us - for it to be mine and Micks baby, for it to be a baby brother or sister for my Flynny.

I guess all i can do is wait - 3 months for the wedding day ( and night! ) and who knows how long til i get two blue lines on that little plastic stick....


  1. I wasn't quite ready to have a baby, but I figured I had been on the pill for many years so I went off it thinking getting pregnant in about 12 months would be perfect. You hear so many stories about the troubles to get pregnant.

    But remember, it often only takes one try. I was pregnant instantly. The same second time around.

    Every 'body' is different, so do what is right for you. But I would say just concentrate on your wedding for now, it is such an amazing day. Then worry about the baby stuff.

  2. The photo is so lovely. I am trying for my third baby, but probably I am too old or too stressed.....

  3. Its hard to give advice when everyone is so different but for me, its not difficult. For Ollie I fell pregnant after 3 months trying. Baby no 2 which I lost I fell pregnant within 2 weeks of trying and then for Flynn after a small recovery period from baby no 2 I fell pregnant first try again. I guess all I can say is have no expectation and go at it like rabbits!!?

  4. Three months to get hitched is not long at all! I tend to think that if you get pregnant relatively easily the first time, second time will be similar? Im biased though - first pregnancy was unplanned and using birth control and second time, I went off the pill and was preggers within a month. Good sound excited so Im sure its all going into place for you :)