Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What To Wear? What To Wear?

So - next Monday i'm off to a conference for work... in sunny Rockhampton, Queensland. I know its not going to be as glamourous or as exciting as Blogopolis ( oh yes, still harboring some jealousy here... ) but, like you ladies who were lucky enough to be able to attend in Melbourne, i need to figure out what to wear. I have a day of plan trips on Monday ( on the way up ) and Thursday ( on the way back ) and actual conference meetings and activities on the Tuesday and Wednesday. Bearing in mind that though this is technically a business conference the dress code isnt especially corporate, and taking into account what kind of weather northern Queensland is going to throw at me... what in the bloody hell am i going to wear?

The decision might be easier if i had a wardrobe like Kate Bosworths...

Methinks jeans and a comfy top are a no-brainer for the two days of travelling. I'll be buggered if i'm going to do a Lady Gaga and trip around Sydney and Brisbane domestic airports in my fanciest clothes. Nope - jeans and comfy cotton shirts, flats or possibly sandals and a slouchy satchel all the way for this little traveller.

For the conference itself - Day One i'm thinking a cute dress, black tights and boots. Khaki suede, stacked heel, ankle boots to be exact. Boots that say " Dont walk all over me, because i might just stomp back ". An outfit that shows my feminine side but that finishes off with a touch of hard-arse, i-wont-be-pushed-around attitude.

Day two , traditionally a bit more of a relaxed day - maybe slim fit dark jeans, white cotton blouse and flats. More formal and more pretty than the jeans-and-t-shirt combo, but still comfy enough to last through a day of (probably very boring ) presentations.

Yep, thats what i'm thinking. Of course, there is still the whole ritual of trying each outfit on, perusing myself in the mirror, and asking Mick what he thinks before i even consider packing my bags.... What about you? Do you pre-plan your holiday/conference outfits down to the day? Do you ponder each outfit option for weeks in advance? And do you think my boots are going to kick arse?


  1. Preplan? Actually obsess is probably a better word...Im just a sucker for what to wear I guess, but whenever I have something to go to, regardless of what it is my mind doesn't stop going over possible outfits in my mind.
    And will those boots kick ass....hell yeah!

  2. Not sure about the boots - depends on what the temperature is in Queensland. Tights? You're wearing tights in Rockhampton? Not sure about them either, unless you don't mind sweaty parts. But you'll be in air conditioning. Holy cow it's tricky in Queensland, and there you have it - that's why I moved to Tasmania.

  3. I think the boots sound awesome!

    I tend to overpack and throw everthing in coz I can never decide and then only end up wearing one or two of the gazillion things that I have packed and always the same old same old. If I had some nicer clothes I might be a little more inclined to plan but most of my clothes are so old now they just don't inspire me and I tend to be in denial about them!