Monday, October 10, 2011

Hens Party Victim

..... or so said the badge my SIL made me wear on Saturday night. Why? Because it was my hens party! First up, lets see what a gorgeous, classy hen such as myself wears on her big night:
Dress: Temt $15 Tights: Big W $12 Boots: Rivers $25 Various hens party accessories : cheap

Don't you just love my red veil ( made by my very handy SIL )? It came complete with an L-plate on the back and a sticker declaring " Property of Mick ". My sash said " Bride to Bling " which is why have a huge, fake-ass ring on and a lanyard with sparkles. So once i was dressed to the nines, where did i go?

Me, my mummy and my sister/bridesmaid Erin

We started out at a local tapas bar where i was treated to some gorgeous little tapas ( my favourite was the mushroom and parmesan tart... ) and indulged in a glass or three of sangria. My SIL organised a few games and i was stoked when i answered 10 out of 15 questions correctly about my fiance. ( Although Mick did cheat - when asked what his favourite drink is, he had answered " water ". What a lie - we all know its beer! )

Me and my girlfriends from school, Em and AJ

We then moved along to a few local establishments for a drink and a dare or two. Truth be told, i didnt really complete my entire dare list... i had heaps of " kiss a random blah blah " ones and its hard to get the nerve up to do something like that, unless the place is packed. At least it is for me - i find it easier to be crazy in a crowd where i can blend in. Unfortunately the rest of Dubbo didnt really come to the party... I havent been out for a long time but both the bigger pubs we went to were really, really quite. We did have a little dance but because of the lack of a crowd the vibe just wasnt the same. Boo to you, Dubbo patrons!

J from work, myself and my little sister after a few drinks

But no matter, i enjoyed my night. It may not be as raucous as i remember a Saturday night being a single lady without a child, but it was right for me: good food, big laughs and a night out as " Amy ", not " Mummy ". And what now that the party is over? The official countdown begins to the big day: 26 days to go!


  1. You look like you had an awesome time!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! And eek! to 26 days :-)

  3. Glad you had such a great night Amy.

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