Friday, October 28, 2011

List? Check!

I'm considering becoming a list person.

You know the ones - those highly organised people who make " to do " lists, and then manage to get everything on that list finished? I want to be one of those. If it means i can keep my house tidier and the general unavoidable toddler chaos more confined, then i'm willing to give it a shot.

My list will be a little more boring than this one...

I did try it once, when i was still a young singleton living on my own. I wrote down all the little jobs i wanted to get done that week ( i may even have broken it up into days, which is slightly more anal than it needs to be... ) and then i ticked them off as i got them done. It worked - having it all spelt in black and white on the front of the fridge helped keep me on track. I felt a sense of accomplishment when it was all ticked off, even if it wasn't anything groundbreaking. It was just standard stuff like " Fold clean washing ", " Vacuum carpet ", " Tidy Tupperware cupboard "... but it meant that my house was neater and tidier and, for me, a happier place to be.

So what say you? Are you a list person? I'm considering starting next week and doing one especially for Monday through Friday , so i can get myself and the house ready before the wedding, and so i dont forget to pack all the important stuff to take on the honeymoon!


  1. I am a big list person. I have lists of monthly to do`s, daily tasks I want to get done, lists of blog post ideas, lists of computer related to do stuff and lists of books I want to buy for the boys, books I want to buy for me, other things to buy, food and menu lists and lists of Birthday and christmas presents for the boys {which I tick off once I have purchased/made}- oh and a craft to do list- things I need/want to make.

    So yes, I am DEFINITELY a to do list. Sometimes I even write somethings on my lists that I have already done just so I can cross them off {haha, things like fold the washing!}.

    I don`t always get things done but it means that I can carry things over to my new to do list when I need to.

    I love lists. I have not moved digital with this love yet though...I prefer pen to paper and check boxes next to them so I can tick them off :D

    Write a list and see how you go- at least it will keep track of your random thoughts of "Oh I must do that..."

  2. Yes I am definitely a list person, otherwise I forget which can be embarassing. And thankyou for the offer of books, If I love this one I will surely take you up on the offer.

  3. I am a list person..though I always misplace them so end up spending half my life writing list. I still have my wedding book that I wrote everything down in which has actually come in handy for when friends have planned theirs and wanted ideas/numbers.

    I am so excited for you!