Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mind Your Modern Manners

I know i usually do my ranty posts on a Monday but seeing as its been a long weekend and i am now officially suffering from Tuesdayitis, i reserve the right to have a rant and rave today instead.

See what i want to know is: when did people stop RSVP-ing to things? Because i'm not all that old but i remember being taught that if you want to attend an event you send a reply of " yes " and if you couldnt attend you still sent a reply of " no ". There was none of this dithering about with " maybe " ( thank you Facebook.... ) and it was considered rude to send no reply at all - and even worse, send no reply at all and then actually turn up. I know people are super-insane busy these days but when i'm trying to organise something its usually important that i know how many people are coming.

I know i had a similar whinge to this last week in regards to my school reunion ( which did not go ahead, by the way - i just could not be bothered when i was the only one trying ) but this weekend is my hens party ( yay! ) and out of the 20-odd people i invited, only 5 of them actually rsvp'd to my SIL. OK, granted that a half dozen of the non-replyees are related to me and just gave us a token " we'll be there! " but what is up with the rest of my friends? I love them all but how is my SIL supposed to arrange things when she doesnt know how many people to arrange them for?

Ditto for my wedding - i'm going to arrange the food and bevvies at my reception venue next week and as of today i'm still missing replies. That means i'm going to have chase people up and be all " So are you coming or not ? ", without sounding either too cranky or too desperate. And i cant just assume people aren't coming due to lack of response, because i risk the major faux pas of running out of food and having people hitting up Macca's on their way home from the reception ( actually, scratch that - no doubt Mick will be fanging for a cheeseburger when we leave for the night.... ).

And my rsvp's are tres cute - how could you resist them?

So what about you - is it just me or are people forgetting their manners? Or am I just having a Bridezilla moment and expecting too much?


  1. Unfortunately this seems to be a really common problem. I had to chase up RSVPs for my wedding and a number of the girls over at SaySo Weddings have had the same problem. Feel free to come over and vent! www.sayso.com.au

  2. Not RSVPing is just downright rude. I can understand how you might forget for a BBQ or housewarming, but for a formal occasion like a wedding? That's just bad manners!

  3. I HATE it when people don't RSVP to an event. When I get a card in the mail with an RSVP in it, I RSVP immediately. There's food to count and fees to pay. Why would you not RSVP. It really bugs me when I have to call people.

  4. Im a stickler for an RSVP, I mean come on, is it really that hard?

  5. Not RSVP'ing either way is rude, I'd be annoyed too. Saying that, I find the 'maybe' replies even ruder (unless there's a genuine reason for a maybe) as it gives the impression that they're waiting to see if there's a better offer!