Monday, October 3, 2011

Staying On Track

For some reason, long weekends seem to the be the worst weekends for me in terms of eating. What i mean is for some reason i always find myself eating platefuls and platefuls of " crap " on a long weekend - way too many carbs and nowhere near enough vegies. And even as i'm preparing a meal, in my head i'm going " Throw some salad in that sandwich! Cook some vegies to go with that! ". But no - the relaxed vibe of a long weekend somehow permeates my eating attitude aswell and i get lazy. So, over this weekend, i've eaten way too much of this:
And drunk a little too much of this:

And frankly, with a little under 5 weeks til my wedding, i need to be eating right and trying NOT to put on weight. Thankfully, i've managed to stay pretty close to the " goal " weight i reached at the end of Operation Slimdown - i've had a few ups and downs but have managed to stay within a kilo of that 67.5kg.

So from here on out i need to constantly think: " Vegies! Water! Minimum carbs! ". Because not only do i need to look ravishing in my wedding dress but i need to tankini ready for the water parks on the Gold Coast!


  1. sounds like a plan - I bought the I quit sugar program from to help loose weight. its a great read and I recommend it as I have stopped drinking coke and having sugar in my coffee as a start this week. Hope you get back to goal. I only have a few kg to go too.

  2. Freakin' Pepsi Max. I always drink too much of this stuff. BAD. But I just love the stuff. And I quit almost everything else. Sigh.

    Within a kg of goal is great! Hang in there the wedding's not far off now. :D

  3. You can do it. If I've been eating a bit too much (weekends when Rich is home is the worst) I make a huge pot of veggie soup, nice and thick so it's filling, and make that my main meal. Healthy, sling in some herbs and spices so it's tasty, and you're good to go!

  4. Oh well done! I've just discovered your blog - best of luck with your wedding and if you need motivation to stick with the diet and exercise over the last five weeks, you're welcome to come and join us at

  5. Everyone needs a little vegemite in their life. 5 weeks is plenty of time to keep wonderful, lots of green tea and water for you my friend.