Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovely Lovely Lipstick

Do you know the theory behind the term " lipstick economy " ? The one about women buying lipstick even when economic times are hard because lipstick is that little luxury that will perk up a womans spirit? Well i've never understood that .... until now.

I've always thought " Lipstick? Whats so crash hot about lipstick? Whats that going to do for my mood ? " - however, in the quest for perfect romantic wedding lips i've found it. THE lipstick - the one that all glamorous women seem to have, that lifts their complexion and brightens their eyes and makes them feel like a million bucks. And mine is called " Beyong Blushing " by L'oreal*.
 Its a soft pink and i think i may be in love with it. I've never been a lipstick girl - i've always loved eye makeup so much more - but maybe because i'd never been shown the right colour. Every time i've ever had to wear lipstick for an event ( like as a bridesmaid, or for my school formal ) i've always felts its been too dark and made me look clownish, even if everyone else said it suited me.

But not now. Now i've got a colour that i feel good in, that i feel sexy and romantic and girly wearing. And i'm going to take it to the make-up artist who's doing my wedding make up and get her to give me perfect wedding lips. She has already done my trial make up this past Wednesday so i know i'm going to get gorgeous wedding eyes ( the lips though i wasnt a fan of - which is what prompted the search for the perfect lippie ). With a trial hair appointment this Saturday all i/we have to do now is put it all together on the day!

What about you? Are you a lipstick girl, and have you found your perfect colour?
* This is not a sponsored post. ( I'm not a big enough or special enough blogger to do sponsored posts! )


  1. I love you never would have guessed!! I have so many different types but I tend towards nudes. Still a bright red is good for the mood I think.

  2. I'm not really a lipstick fan either, more of a lipgloss girl. But MY perfect lipstick is also L'oreal. It's called Perfect Peach and has a sheen to it that makes it look glossy. I'm out of it at the moment and i hate it. NEED to buy some more.

  3. I'm also not much of a lipstick girl but I do have a fav from Nutrimetics, Musk. I love make-up but I don't really wear it all that often, mostly for special occasions. However I have found there is nothing like a touch of mascara and blush, with my Musk lipstick to really brighten up my face and stop me from looking so tired.

    How good is it finding the perfect wedding make-up. I hope your hair trial goes well. How long now till the wedding, can't be too many weeks away?