Saturday, April 13, 2013

15/52 - At Home

Tully - chilling in her activity centre

Flynn - a boy in his PJs

We've been spending quality time at home this week. Partly because I've started packing up the house for our move in a fortnight ( little by little! ), and partly because I wanted to just chill out with my babies before I go back to work part-time. So admits the slow packing there have been bursts of wrestling in pyjamas and reading books; of bouncing up and down in activity centres and pulling on Mummy's hair for a cuddle; of sorting toys then playing trucks with the ones that didn't get packed away.

It kind of makes me realise that, even though both my children are getting good at playing independently, I need to actively play with them more.....

Checking in with the '52 Project' over at CheAndFidel this week...


  1. I must admit I hated moving, and unfortunately we will have to move (in future, so not just yet).

    Tully is growing up so quickly!!

    I have a giveaway on my blog if you wanted to stop by

    Talitha xx

  2. It's something I'm not good at, if I am honest with myself. I wish I was better and I do admire mums who can ignore the washing and play with the kids.

  3. Great revelation...happy packing and here's to more wrestling time. xxx

  4. I have discovered the same thing, the more time I spend with Punky the happier and more content she is to then play independently when I need her too.

    Tully looks so grown up in that picture!