Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome ( Back ) To The Neighbourhood

  • The time has come - the big move is tomorrow. And by big i mean " holy crap - i'm almost 30, married with two children, and i'm moving back in with my parents!! ". Yea, that big move. 95% of me is completely comfortable with it, and the other 5% is kind of worried about lack of personal space and how many other adults i have to share the bathroom with....

    I'm not kidding myself - it will be really noisy sometimes; undoubtedly there will be a time when someone sits in my spot on the lounge and I'll want to go all Sheldon Cooper on them; at some point i will huff and puff and run off crying to our room because i just CANNOT put up with my mum anymore. But those things will be small, and fleeting, in comparison to the reasons why we are making the big, backwards leap. I am keeping in the back of my mind that these several months sacrifice ( possibly up to a year ) mean we can save money for a better future for our children, and we'll be able to foster an unbelievable sense of family while we're at it.

    So, on the day that we celebrate the sacrifice others have made to defend the way of life we are so fortunate to have, Mick and I make a small sacrifice of our own, and know that in the scheme of our (hopefully) very long lives these months will no doubt pass in the blink of an eye....In theory. Ask me again in a month or two - i may have to poke an eye out by then, or at the very least have bought myself a set of industrial ear plugs....


  1. I think you are very brave Amy! I couldn't live with either sets of our parents, some days just a visit is too much. But I'm all for short term pain for long term gain, it's the reason we sold our beautiful home last year. I miss it terribly but one day in the future I hope to have a home that I love as much as that one.

  2. We did the same thing a while back - it was a tremendous help! Household chores were halved which was a huge help with 3 children and one a newborn, plus we had on hand babysitters (nobody saw my youngest child for a year and a half lol). We generally got along and it was a very big house which helped, but there were still times I yearned for my own space and just doing things our way. But we survived! This second time around we are renting and that has been no easier - still yearning for our own place - just a week and a half away! And then I think it's time for us to settle for a while! Good luck - the sacrifice will all be worth it in the end xx

  3. You'll do fine! As you said, just keep reminding yourself of how good a cause it is for and the massive benefits that doing this will bring. You and Mick should definitely take advantage of some free baby sitting while you're there too!

  4. Good luck! I'm sure you'll look back and be glad you did it!

  5. Good luck! We moved in with hubby's family (parents and brother & brothers wife) before we got married in order to save. Was about 18 months and by the end of it I wanted to smother everyone in their sleep!
    Will most likely be different with it being your family :)

    hehe you will be fine though, and will be totally worth it when you finally buy your own place!

  6. Good luck with your move. We moved in with my parents when I was pregnant with my first. We didn't plan too, but kind of had to when we were building are previous us. We put the house that we were living in on the market just after we started to build thinking it would take a while to sell. Well it sold on the first day it was listed. So off we went to live with my parents for 9 months. It wasn't pleasant but we managed to save a fair bit of money!