Monday, April 29, 2013

17/52 - Moving House

  • Tully - rocking the pixie ears

    Firstly, just to clarify, there is no photo of Flynn this week because he had his grumpy pants on and wouldnt sit still enough for a photo. In his words - " I dont be in photos Mummy! "
    Secondly - the move itself has gone relatively well. We still have a few small cleaning jobs to do, and the laundry needs painting, but that shouldnt take too long. We also still have some clothes in the cupboards that need moving to my mums house, though there isnt exactly much room left to stash anything else. Actually, thats been one of the trickiest parts.... trying to find room in my parents house for four peoples worth of stuff. The unpacking has been slow going, but i did have a few willing helpers for a while. Thats why Tully is wearing a hat thats too small for her now in the photo above - my neices thought the best place to put it would be straight on her head! I dont know about you, but i kind of think it gives her a cute, elvish quality....

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