Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Recap

So yesterday, as you would be aware, was my first Mothers Day to celebrated as a mama - and i'm not going to hide it... i was kinda excited! How could i not be with a gorgeous little fella like this to call my own:
Gorgy smorgy!

So, here's how my day played out:
* Woken at 3am for a feed with Flynn. Mick gave me my present - a fluffy pink dressing gown/bathrobe. He later said i looked like Dame Edna in it ( i'm not sure if that was supposed to be complimentary or not ).
*Got out of bed at 7am, when Flynn woke for another feed. I was hoping for breakfast in bed ( whihc is wat i had been told i was getting ) but, due to Micks having " got his beer on " the night before, he kind of forgot thats what he'd promised.
* I got upset and had a little tear or two, at which point Mick redeemed himself by rushing out of the bedroom and apologising. Good man.
* Got read the Sunday paper in peace because Flynn decided he would have an hour long nap. Good boy.
* Showered and went to the mall. Bought a new fleecy hoodie. Since getting big milk-boobs, i dont have much warm that will fit me for winter.
* Subway, Eat Fresh!
* Watched a recorded DVD of this past weeks episode of " The Amazing Race ". I love me some Race, and this was on my wishlist of things i wanted to do on Mothers Day. Flynn had a feed and a sleep while it was on, and Mickey J took himself off for a quick bike ride.
* Went to my mums for afternoon tea ( we had been to Micks mums last weekend. She lives in another town so it was easier to split the visits ). My dad made a lovely zuchinni and sweet potato cake. Good man.
* My sister had bought a puppy and was also visiting my parents, with the puppy. I love puppies!
* Flynn got tired and had a nap on my dads lap which was awesome, seeing as he's been majorly clingy the last few weeks. Good boy.
* Got home and gave Flynn a bath - marvelled at how he marvels at the rubber ducks that he has in the tub. Too cute!
* Mick made me a lovely red penang curry fpr dinner. We figured out earlier that he'd forgot to plan dessert, so i made my own peach crumble. Tinned peaches to the rescue!
* Mick and I settled in to watch " Where The Wild Things Are " ( Flynn had already flaked it and gone to sleep ). It was a really, really sweet movie. Actually, you could probably even describe it as bittersweet. I dont really remember the book so much - although i do know that i read it once or twice as a child - but the whole melancholia of Max and the Wild Things and the beautiful rise and fall of their friendship really touched me.
* Gave Flynn a dream feed .... we've had a full week of him waking around 3am-4am for a feed, when he had been waking at 6am or 7am, so i tried the whole dream feed thing hoping it would get him to sleep a little longer. It totally worked. Good Mummy!
* Went to bed utterly exhausted. I had Friday at the zoo, Saturday at the show and Sunday out and about - by 10pm last night i was well and truely ready for bed.

I really enjoyed my day, even though we didnt do anything spectacularly exciting. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner all prepared for me; i didnt do a single load of washing; i got to take a shower by myself; and i got to snuggle up to my gorgeous fiance in a cuddly, warm, dressing gown whilst nursing my precious son to sleep. What more could a mama want?


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I'm glad for you. :)

  2. Sounds like a really nice first Mother's Day!! Glad you were looked after and that you didn't have to do any laundry!!

    I laughed at the big-milk boobs, by the way.

  3. My milk-boobs don't fit into any of my hoodies anymore either, so I steal my hubby's..haha..I don't do anything spectacular on Mother's Day. I never really have. I chat with my mom and we buy dinner out. Ethan makes me a present at school. This year it was a cookbook full of desserts and a biodegradable piece of paper with flower seeds in it to plant in the yard. His presents are the best part of the day. I look forward to it all school year.

  4. Sounds like a splendid mother's day - full of mothering - but not too much of the yucky stuff like laundry. Happ Mother's day (belated)!

  5. you really have a nice blog :)and its worth it to read :) belated happy mother's day to you