Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very Superstitious....

Day four of " What the reader, wants the reader gets "/300thblog post celebration week. Todays post is courteousy of Kylie at The Rockgarden. She wants to know: Do you have any personal rituals or superstitions?

I had to kind of think long and hard about this one - i dont really have any personal rituals ( like wearing lucky underpants or putting on my left shoe first or whatever ) but i am a little superstitious. But why? Why have i picked up some superstitions but completely dismissed others? I suppose it comes down to how you were raised and who by - if you parents and grandparents tell you a certain superstition, i think you're more likely to stick with it.

For the record, i chose that there picture because i DO NOT  ever walk under ladders. I'm sure this one was passed down to me by my nan. Its bad luck standing under ladders you see ( for what reason, i'm not sure... ) so i dont even risk the wrath of the Universe. We quiet often have workmen come to my workplace needing to get into the roof, and the manhole happens to be right above my work station. Well, as long as they have their ladder open there i find something other than paper work to do, because i refuse to stand or walk under ladders, even for a few seconds.
I also:
1.  Never put shoes on the table
2. Cross my fingers when i'm in need of good luck
3. Fork my fingers when a black cat crosses my path and;
4. I was known to spend a good amount of time searching for four leaf clovers when i was young.

So no - no crazy personal rituals that i can tell you about, but a few odd superstitions here and there. Strangely enough i'm one of those folks that DOESN'T think Friday the 13th is bad luck - in fact, every Friday the 13th i go out and buy a lottery ticket, hoping to catch all thegood vibes floating around out there! So what superstitions do you guys believe in? Why ? And anything in particular that makes you feel lucky or unlucky?

Ooh, and only 2 days left of " What the reader wants, the reader gets! " so get your suggestions in!


  1. I never put shoes on the table either ;)

    My question is- You've mentioned before you are a bit of a trippy hippy spiritual kind of chicky- I wanna know more!!

  2. Thanks! I have never heard of 'forking' fingers! But I do cross my fingers and also spend a fair amount of time searching for four leaf clovers when I was a kid :)