Monday, May 17, 2010

Modern Manners

Its time again for another Blog This! challenge ( i've missed the last two or three... ). This week its:
C'mon. It's time to shout out your cause, your gripe, your mission. Get on your soapbox and talk about something that really matters to you. Something you think about but perhaps don't talk about. Start a conversation, be heard!

Ok, so those of you who read me fairly regularly know that i dont grandstand very often. I like to keep things fairly light and fluffy and only get really opinionated when something is really important to me, and to others. You know, things like:
a) breastfeeding
b) blood donation
c) leggings as pants.
Important stuff. Seeing as i've blogged about these things in the past and you should, by now, know where i stand on those issues ( breastfeeding, yes; blood donation, double yes; leggings as pants, hell no ) i thought i'd get my knickers in a twist about something new for this challenge. Or rather something old and, apparently, frequently going missing from our society - manners.

Thats right - manners. I dont want to sound old before my time, but it seems to me like manners have kind of fallen by the wayside these days. I dont just mean kids, or teenagers - i mean basic manners from everyone. My son may only be (almost ) 5 months old but i'm already saying to him " Ta Mum " when he takes something from my hand, because a simple " Ta " or " Thankyou " is about the easiest thing in the world to learn, and amongst the most courteous to use. Its pretty simple - you say " please " when your requesting something and " thankyou " when receiving it; " excuse me " when you need to verbally or physically interupt someone;don't point and dont stare, its rude; no talking on your mobile at the checkout or at dinner; and, my biggest bug bare, you hold the door open for others when you are simultaneously using a doorway.

It really gets up my nose when people forget these most simple of things. Like the guy at the supermarket this past weekend who pushed in front of Mick and I at the self serve checkout. Even when i said " um, excuse me, there is a line here ", he just looked at me and then went back to scanning his bread. Not even an insincere " Oh, sorry, didnt see you there ". That guy ? Douche.
Or the middle aged man who, despite seeing me coming with my pram, rushed through door to the carpark and went on his merry way, even though he could have ( and should have ) held the door open for me. I was taught that if you're coming up to a door way at the same time as someone else, you hold the door open for them - and i do just that, whether i'm pushing a pram or carrying my bub or am by myself, and whether the other person is a man or a woman. Its just basic manners.
Or the people who get a friendly " have a nice day " from the cashier and dont even offer a " Thanks! " in return.Is it so hard to give them a one word answer? Uh - nuh.

So, blog type people, please go out of your way today, and everyday, to use your manners. I know your parents taught them to you so hold those doors open, smile and say thankyou, and make your children say " please " instead of stamping there little feet. And if you come across someone who forgets to use their manners when dealing with you, smile ever so sweetly and wait until they're out of sight before you give them the finger. After all, its bad manners to flip the bird to someones face....


  1. Oh man!! I am with you on this!! What is up with the total lack of manners people seem to have?! One of my greatest pet peeves is actually when the cashiers themselves are rude. Like, they'll ring in my order or whatever and then just stand there looking at me, without telling me the price. Most of the time when that happens, I say something like "How much is it?" They never seem to like that - but c'mon people!! Basic customer service!!

    My parents definitely raised me right. I'm always totally aware of making sure I mind my manners!

  2. I am SO with you on manners. I am a please and thank you kinda gal. I am ALL over it. In fact, Claire's first words after mama, dada and no were thank you. What really gets me is the rudeness of some kids at our local library, but on top of them THEIR PARENTS! When Ethan does something inappropriate, we make him apologize. I mean, we've actually walked him to houses in the neighborhood and made him apologize if he was out playing and did something wrong. When I confront other kids parents during summer story time at the library about their own child's behavior, crickets could chirp around their blank stares. Awful.

    On another note, I saw a secret on Post Secret that reminded me of your leggings post.
    Post Secret

  3. Manners are a way of showing other people we respect them, without saying so much out loud.

    That's a paraphrased quote from Blast From The Past, the movie. I lie it.

    Great entry Amy!!

  4. I SO agree. And lets not forget manners on the roads either. People seem to think that because they're running late, they have the right to do whatever they like!

  5. I couldn't agree more! Manners make the world go round smoothly.