Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The First Blush Of Love

Welcome back to my " What the reader wants, the reader gets! " week, to celebrate my 300th post milestone. Todays suggestions comes from Jaded Vixen of The Jaded Gym Junkie who wrote:
I'd love to read a post about your first love! They're always interesting stories! x

Aaah..... young love. I'm always interested to hear other people " first love " stories but, to be quite honest, mine isnt really all that special. My first love - if we're talking about that first boy you ever held hands with/kissed behind the toilets/ wrote " Mrs Amy Blah De Blah " on your notebook love - was a boy we shall refer to as K, and i was around 10 years old. We went to school together and it was of those situations where he got someone else to run up to me and say " K wants to be your boyfriend. Wanna go out with him ? " and i say " Yep. OK ". Of course, at 10 years old, " going out " means nothing more than eating your lunch at the same table, lending him your favourite pen, and walking home holding hands. All of which K and i did. We lived close to one another so we hung out on weekends too ( with other kids around ), down at our local playground and riding our bikes. We were friends. But, as happens with almost all first love, it eventually had to come to an end . I cant remember exactly what happened but i'm pretty sure it just came down to boys are still kind of weird and icky when your 10 years old. Eww, boy germs - gross.

As for my first adult love, well.... truth be told, during high school and the first few years of my twenties, i was a chronically shy and socially anxious kind of girl. I only had one boyfriend and a handful of dates here and there. I told one guy that i loved him but, in retrospect, that was completely misguided and i didnt really mean it ( although i thought i did at the time ). So, i'm happy to say, my first, proper, real, adult love is.... Mick.
We met on an internet dating site, our first date lasted for five hours, i went away for the weekend to visit his family after only two weeks.... and now we're engaged and have a gorgeous, smorgeous baby boy. We tell each other " I love you " every day, several times a day, and i can tell you, for my part, that i mean it every single time its said. All thats left now for us is a wedding ceremony ( which could be at the registery office - its the marriage bit that matters to me ) and more bubbas!
Oh, and PS - if you havent already done so, leave me a comment letting me know what you'd like to see me blog about this week!!


  1. I was going to ask you to blog about how you met Mick, but you sort of just told us... but how about more details on that 5 hour 1st date?

  2. i love hearing other people talk about being in love. it's heartwarming.

  3. Wow...Life has been busy so I spent tonight catching up on RSS feeds! Thanks for listening to my suggestion. I loved reading about K and Mick and I agree with Erin...that 5 hour first date must have been amazing!