Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear Flynn, Aged 9 Months

Hey Flynny!

Loving the swings now the sun is out - and look at those little piggies!

Well good gravy - havent the 3 months since my last letter been a whirlwind? A crazy, cute, weird and wonderful whirlwind. What i cant believe is that both of have made it through alive ( i should have died from sleep deprivation and you should have been packed off to China, like i threatened a while back ). But here we are, on your 9 month-aversary, and we're both happy and relatively healthy ( if not a bit tired ). And my havent you come along way, little man? Not so long ago i was moaning to everyone that you'd never crawl; that you hadnt spoken your first word yet; that of course that must mean you were developmentally delayed. And what have you done in the last month since Fathers Day?
* You've come up with your first, and second, and almost third words - "dad" followed closely by " mum " and we're getting a " wub, wub, wub " whenever i look at you and say " love, love, love! ".
* You've started crawling and in the past week alone have managed to better your PB lap time around the dining room table time and time again. Your so fast now, and so interested in getting your move on, that i can hardly keep you still to eat your afternoon bikkie... and thats something. You love bikkies!
* You've kept on with the raspberry blowing, but have added that " wah, wah, wah " Indian-noise thing ( you know the one... ) to your repertoire. Impressive - except that instead of slapping your chubby little hand over your mouth, you slap it against your cheek and just make the " wah wah " noise. Don't worry - you'll get it soon.
* You clap, you wave bye-bye, you and  (i dont know how this happened ) give the Peace sign and you try your darndest to dance. Or at least thats how i interpret the wild arm flapping and smiles everytime you watch Playschool or Sesame Street.

The one thing that i had hoped to include this letter is "champion sleeper " but, sadly, we still arent quite there yet. Maybe its just because you love being close to your mum and dad, or maybe its because your so interested in the world around you that you cant bare to miss one minute of it with something as boring as sleep ( huh! ) but for some reason we still havent progressed to night time sleep throughs. You've had a few little good patches but, by and large, you're still waking up three or four times a night. You've stopped staying awake for hours on end ( thank Gawd ) but i'm crossing fingers that this new sleep routine i'm implementing will see consistent sleep throughs sometimes soon. I mean, i know no-ones perfect but if you start sleeping through'll be as damned close to perfect as a baby boy can get.

Despite all the night-time craziness, the gigantic dirty poops, the hair pulling, the splashing me til i'm soaking wet at bathtime and general baby kookiness - i love you. Big lots. To the moon and back even.
Wub, wub, wub
Your Mama


  1. Grayson finally started crawling this past week too. I need to post about it. As I type this, he's trying to pull himself up on the couch. I guess getting onto things was just too enticing for him not to get his crawl on. It's also nice to know that I am not the only one who is having sleep troubles. After a week of sleeping through the night, Grayson is back to waking up. I'm so tired!

    Flynn is such a handsome little guy. Love those toes!

  2. It's funny how we worry so much when they aren't reaching their milestones like everyone elses kids...but the thing is they all grow so much differently. Doesn't it make your heart swell when they accomplish something!

    This is a beautiful post and a happy 9 months to Flynn!

  3. Ahh little Flynn is growing way too quickly...but he will always be a cutie! Happy nine months Flynn.

    In regards to the wedding I would have to say my favourite part was the was so much fun doing and on the night it was a hit. I also liked that our lollies had our names in them...made it unique to us :)

  4. Oh enjoy the babyness, it's over so soon...and the sleeping's guaranteed to improve! My youngest is 18 months and he's just gotten too big, too fast!

  5. They do sleep eventually. One day. Heh.

  6. It's funny how we want them to start doing things early, but then once they've started we want them to stop because they're growing too quickly!

  7. So beautiful! Your boy is divine! I write monthly letters to my boy on my blog... I don't know how long they'll stay monthly though!!