Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Don't YOU Cover Up?

I know i've blogged about this before but i found an article today that had me so riled up i just had to make mention of it. Well, not so much  the article, but the storm of comments following it : should breastfeeding mothers have to cover up while feeding in public?

The majority of comments seemed to be supportive of women being able to breastfeed their babies whenever, wherever, and however they wanted to, or supportive of the right to feed but asking for discretion. But there were some comments that just made my blood boil. This one in particular -

Breast feeding
Posted by: no interest, perth, on 17/09/2010 10:34:16
Just because you have your offspring attached to your breast doesnt mean you can automatically get it out wherever you like and start feeding your litter. Most people have no interst in seeing such things, its just not called for in public. Have a bit of self respect and respect for those arround you and put it away or at least cover it up. While we are at it try putting a leash on the rest ofyour litter while in public and perhaps a muzzle as well, parent shouyld take control of their brood and stop them from running wild and screaming like animals, however I guess if the litter are to run wild then perhaps the parent can breast feed in public like the rest of the live stock.
Pardon my language but - what.a. fucking.cockhead. I just wanted to reach through the computer screen and punch this idiot in the throat. How insulting to mothers everywhere, regardless of whether they breastfeed in public or not. And believe it or not, this wasnt the only comment likening breastfeeding to nursing animals. One other person said mothers who breastfeed in public should be made to do so out in the paddock like the rest of the cows (!) and numerous people compared the natural act of breastfeeding to the natural act of defecation - and then said we arent allowed/it isnt polite to defecate in public view so why should it be any different for breastfeeding.
Attitudes like that make me absolutely sick and i was shocked that they even exist in todays society. Yes, i can appreciate that some people may not know where to look when faced with a breastfeeding mother ( my advice? If you're not sure, just look away ) but that doesnt mean women should be forced to feed their babies in dirty public toilets or be made to stay home with their babies because thats we're new mums and babies belong ( both of which were suggested by commentors on this article ). Nor do breastfeeding mothers feel they are untouchable and that they're rights come before everyone elses ( also a prevailing attitude in the comments section ) but rather want their babies to have the same freedom to eat when they are hungry that every other person has. Its as simple as that. Anyone who suggests otherwise, or that thinks breastfeeding mothers simply just want to get their boobs out in public and flash them to the world ( give me a friggin' break.. ) is out of touch, out of their minds and out of order...


  1. It is the last thing on my mind when I'm breastfeeding Grayson to give everyone a show. Really, I'd rather keep them to myself. I have a cover that I use because I'd like to keep myself modest. The only thing anyone sees is Grayson's feet. There are breastfeeding lounges that I use when I'm at a mall or something, but if I'm in a restaurant and he needs to eat, I feed him at the table (under his cover) and eat my meal. Why should he have to have his meal on the toilet? I don't want to eat there.

  2. People's cries of "I shouldn't have to be subjected to it" or "I don't like" make me giggle - I will continue to breastfeed in public regardless. I have the last laugh, and I also have the law on my side ;)

    I read the same article, posted my opinion and went off to rant in a blog. It'll probably be posted some time this week, keep an eye out x

  3. An absolute cockhead indeed. BTW, I love that expression - you can really get some vehemence behind it if you try. Which I think this person deserves. Breastfeeding mothers should continue to just do what they do. And people like that commenter can continue to be cockheads. And we'll all live happily ever after. :-)