Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here Comes The Sun...

I'm back people - did you miss me? I've spent the past few days down in Sydney, having a little time away with Mick and Flynn ( more on that at a later date ). Home last night, and off to our regular Thursday mothers group meeting today. And what a glorious day it was!

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance around these parts after weeks of wind and rain and overcast yuckiness, so we mumma's took a little bubba's down to the local park for a play. I was kind of excited because its the first time Flynn has really been able to enjoy going to the park - he's at the age now where he likes going on the swings ( especially ) and can interact a little more with other kids and the equipment. Plus, it was the first chance he's had to wear his sun hat and didnt he just look adorable:
Loving his Vegemite sandwich - and his favourite tractor!
Hopefully we're blessed with gorgeous weather next week as we have plans to have our mass playdate at the local Japanese gardens, which should make for some nice photos. Now, onto tomorrow, which is forecast to beautiful, warm and sunny. Perhaps we could take Daddy to the park?


  1. Flynn is such a little stud muffin, too gorgeous!

  2. The weather is glorious isn't it. Does your Flynn keep his hat on? My Flynn rips his off the moment it goes on. Not so good for a baby red head!

  3. He's gorgeous and he looks like he knows it!

  4. What a cutie, and such a gorgeous outfit too. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip to Sydney.

  5. So cute!! I wish I was there too!