Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're On The Move!

No, i'm not moving house or anything like that. By " we're " i mean Flynn - he's still not crawling as such but in the last 4 or 5 days he's figured out his own little way of getting around. I'm calling it the " bum pivot "... he goes from sitting down to hands and knees then lifts his bum high in the air ( like he's doing a downward dog yoga pose... ), turns his hip and then sits his bum down. This enables him to move maybe a few inches at a time so its slow going, but its enough for him right now. He's mobile and now that he can also sit himself back upright from his belly ( again pushing up on his toes, like he's doing yoga - must take after his mum ) i don't have to listen to his whinge wah-wah-wah help-me-mum-i'm-stuck noise. Yay! If i can get a photo doing his downward dog thing, i'll post it later.

Until then - you know what else has happened? The last three nights we've had pretty good sleep. Only one wake up, a feed, and then straight back to sleep ( with the exception of Tuesday night where we were up for 2 hours ). Its like Flynn knows that i've finally had enough. Or that going down to Tresillian is like being sent off to boarding school and, as such, he's finally decided to co-operate...


  1. How old is he again? Mine refuses to sleep through the night... Oh what I would not give to have a tresillian here in the states!

    My little man does that log roll to get places! lol

  2. Yay for Flynn..and a big yay for won't be long and there will be no stopping him :)
    Aint it the way!! I bet though if you cancel he will some how sense it..cheeky little buggers they are! Here's hoping for more good nights x

  3. Grayson is finally becoming mobile too, however he still makes it well known that he is stuck. I'm hopping he'll crawl soon. His first birthday is fast approaching and he still refuses to move.