Friday, September 10, 2010

Its Friday - Time For Flip Offs!

OK, i dont even know if Gigi from KludgyMom still has Friday Flip Offs still up and running, but i'm going to continue to do them because they were a nice, get-it-off-your-chest, end to the week. I missed it last week because i was on my deathbed ( ok, no, not quite ) but i'm back better than ever now!
To bronchitis - you suck. I somehow end up with you every bloody year and this year is, sadly, no exception. I managed to go the whole winter without having a cold bad enough to bring you on but in the last week of my least favourite season i caught Flynn chest infection and voila! you have made your annual appearance. I'm already sick of the big, barky, mucus-y cough you inflict me with, and it will probably be another week or two before you disappear. How bout you do me a favour and just FLIP OFF!

To the Catholic Church - in Australia, who have decided to ban popular music from funeral services. You killjoys - apparently, according to the almighty Church, a funeral is not a celebration of a persons life and the chance to farewell your loved one, but is intended to commend their soul to God. Which, according to their latest edict, is supposed to be strictly about Church pomp and circumstance and nothing else. They've even asked some people to exclude funny recollections and praise of a loved one from eulogies, and stick only to fact based speeches. As if i didnt hate the hypocrisy and arrogance of the Catholic Church already. So, to the Archbishop of Melbourne specifically who handed down these new rules - why dont you go take a flying leap and FLIP OFF!

To Allanah on " Four Weddings " - screw you and your idea of what a wedding should be. I cannot understand any normal person spending $80 000 on what is essentially only a few hours of their lives. I could buy one third of a house with that, or two brand new cars, and you spent that on cakes, and a dress and a fancy reception venue. What a bloody waste. Also, your comment about one of the other girls wedding dresses, that it looked like something you would buy off a bridal store rack...yea, that really got up my nose. 90% of women ( you know, in my estimation ) are going to buy a dress of the rack from a bridal boutique and there's will be just as special as the $8000 custom creation you were sporting ( which, thought pretty, was indistinguishable from the second hand dress you were hating on ). Just because you had the biggest, most expensive wedding does not make you the best. It just makes you pretentious, so take your fancy, fluffy dress and your bad attitude and FLIP OFF!


  1. Ok, bridezilla, WTF, 80,000 bucks. And she'll probably be divorced in a year.

    I can't agree with you more on the funeral. Even tho I'm not catholic. I have left instructions that my funeral is NOT TO BE HELD IN A CHURCH. Because the church I was raised in will only allow Hymns. So screw that. Graveside service only for this girl!!!!!

  2. I don't think I could attend a funeral that wasn't about celebrating someone's life. That's what they are for. To remember them in a way that, though sad, makes you smile. My grandfather's funeral was rough, but if there hadn't been any laughter, it would have been a pretty dark day.

    I can't imagine spending that much money on a dress you only wear one day, for at the most, 6-8 hours. My dress cost $200, and that was enough for me.

  3. Hehe So glad I was not the only one sucked in by that trashy show!! BTW I have linked you on my blog.. :)

  4. hi amy, I am taking some time off from FFO because I'm running a blogger challenge for the next 6 weeks. will be hosting FFO if you want to link up there! :)