Monday, September 13, 2010

Puzzle Pieces - Redux

So, i was going through my archive, torturing myself by reading every post i've ever made with reference to my now ex-friend ( i'm a sucker for punishment, but more on that at a later date ) when i came across a post i had real fun doing. Seeing as it was from way back in 2008 and i figure it was ripe for the re-doing. I think it was once a meme that i wasnt tagged for but stole anyway*. The idea was to head over to and choose five cards that were representative of you and your life right now. Kind of like pretty, funny, little puzzle pieces. So i did just that - the five i have chosen are different to the ones i picked back in 2008 so here they be:

Ah, so this would should be self-explanatory ( and if it isnt, where have you been the last few days? Not on my blog apparently... ). Thats me in the cute dress, at the bottom. I may feel like i'm at the bottom of the whole friendship jungle gym there, but at least that means i can only go up ( and i'm wearing a cute dress. Always a bonus ).

Yea, thanks Mum and Dad. Oh, and thanks to me from Flynn. Over the years i've been a bit of a worry for my parents, not because i was the ultimate teen rebel but because i was the ultimate teen emo. I'm sure its taken its toll on their mental health ( although i think my dad's always been fairly wack ). And its fair to say the trials of Flynns first 8 months have done my head in some what - not that i was entirely stable to begin with. So thanks to my parents for keeping me as close to sane as possible!

I do. The thought of it scares me. It hasnt happened yet but there is a first time for everything. But the day i start singing along to Justin Bieber - not because a song has been on constant rotation and i cant get the bloody thing out of my head - but because i actually LIKE it, is the day you people need to promise to hunt me down and shoot me. Please?!?

Oh yea - I love you Mick! In fact, i love him so much, i havent even entertained thoughts of ever wanting to, or needing to, leave him. Thats love right? Hell, i didnt even have an escape plan for our first date ( you know, the one where you get your friend to call with some kind of emergency ? ), thats how much i liked him initially. Methinks i've got me a keeper...

And this, my lovelies, is for you all. Your kind comments have been a great, big, fat help the last few days. Its funny how people who have never met me in real life ( which is all but one of you ... ) can have a better read on my personality than someone i thought i was close to. Sure, there are two sides to every story and i'm sure ex-friends version of events is somewhat different to mine, but its nice to know that i have some support based not only on recent events but on what you guys have read over the past few years. I know that my blog is a true reflection of who I am, and to know that you guys support me based on what you've read - on what is ME , as it were - means a lot. So mucho gracias, dudes, mucho!

*Also, feel free to steal this idea if you want. Its not a meme so i aint tagging anyone but if you have bloggers block and are in need of a kick along, take this...


  1. HEHEHEHE Baby baby baby, ooooooh. Baby baby baby, nooooo!

  2. What a lovely idea! I hope in time you can look back and say that you tried and it didn't work..and be okay with deserve WAY better!!
    In reference to the nailed it bottom kitchen drawer..though it now has tea-towels in he has moved on to the tv unit that has CORDS in it... :)
    I am glad I found you in the blogging are AWESOME :)

  3. Aww thanks Hayley! Our little fellas seem quite similar - Flynn likes the tv cabinet drawer too but ours has videos in it ( yep, good old VHS ). His dad found some blocks hidden in there this morning too!

  4. Re #2, he certainly owes you for the sleep deprivation :-) Good luck with that, I know how much that did my own head in, I have my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Cool idea Amy - love it. I have missed your last few posts so Im about to catch up, but hope all is ok.

  6. Hahaha, I love the Justin Bieber one!

    Sadly, I've already managed to find one of his songs I like and that makes me sad.

  7. Very clever! Its not surprising that u picked different ones now than 2 years much has changed in your life and you have grown!
    This is very much like an activity that I had to do at a seminar once - just before they made us sit down, do a personality test and set our short term/long term goals.