Tuesday, March 26, 2013

12/52 - Get Ready To Wiggle!

Tully - cheeky chops

Flynn - getting his Wags on

This Sunday just gone our family went to see The Wiggles ( or the 'new Wiggles ' as Flynn called them ) while they were in town. If you can't tell from the photo Flynn was a little bit excited - partly because he likes The Wiggles, and partly because Daddy was coming this time. He asked to wear his Wags the Dog costume and set me the task of making a bone to give to Wags aswell ( twisted paper, tape and watercolour paint.... Just call me Mr Maker ).

He was even happier when Anthony, the Blue Wiggle noticed him in the crowd and asked his name in front of everybody... You could not wipe the cheese grin off his face! With a road trip down to Sydney planned for this Easter long weekend, and a special surprise activity planned for Saturday, I think we might be able to get a few more cheesy grins out of the boy yet.....

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  1. It was such a fantastic concert, pure joy for all of us. Glad your Flynn got a little mention, such a buzz for them all.

  2. Naw, that is too cute, love the Wags costume!

  3. The cuteness is overwhelming me!