Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 13+14 30 Days of Music Challenge may just turn into a more prolonged theme. Yes, i've skipped a few days, partly because i was busy doing other things and partly because the lack of comments on my music posts were giving me the poo's. Anyhoo, i thought maybe if i stretched things out a bit it wouldnt be so "music, music, music! ". So, after a weekend break, i present to you the prompts for days 13 and 14 of the challenge....
Day 13 - For you, what song defines the '00's?
Seeing as we've only just finished living through this decade you would think i would have hundreds of songs running through my head but the only one i kept hearing was this:
The late Noughties was where i finally found my confidence - i stopped wallowing in the blackhole of depression and started loving myself. Which, in turn, made me believe ( sometimes ) in my own sexiness, and being able to ( sometimes ) convince cute boys of the same thing! So what song would be better to choose than " SexyBack " by Justin Timberlake?

Day 14 - What song was your first record/cassette/CD/MP3 purchase?
Hold on to your hats ladies and gentleman, this one is going to get embarrassing!
Oh yea baby - East 17! Please bear in mind that i was 8 years old when i bought the " Walthamstow " album - it was 1992 and i saved up my pocket money for a few weeks in order to buy my very first cd. Boy band pop was awesomely cool and East 17 were waaaaaaaaaaay better than Take That ( at least they seemed that way at the time ). Believe or not, i still have this album in my cd cabinet but i havent listened to it in over a decade. Perhaps today would be a good day for a repeat listen?


  1. Oh wow, I LOVE "It's Alright". It is a FANTASTIC song. :-)

  2. Oh my goodness Its alright reminds me of year 11. Too funny. My first purchase was.....Mel and Kim and it was a record. Goodness now I feel old!!

  3. Another OMG moment! East 17! I bought that album when I was in year 3 I think, I saved up for so long to be able to buy the cd.

    My very first record that I was given, didn't buy, was Frankie by Sister Sledge, when I was 5 years old. man I loved that song, and I used to make Mum play it over and over for me so I could sing and dance to it.