Sunday, May 8, 2011

To My Mama

Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there, to me and to my mama:

First of all, that is my mum, but thats not technically her bike ( its my dads ) . Secondly, that doesnt matter because my mum is pretty neat. We have had our personality clashes over the year - as do all sullen teenage daughters and their mothers - but in the past 16 months i have really come to appreciate her. I guess it took me becoming a mother to be able to see just how good my own mother is.

She's what i call a "funny " mum - gawd love her, but its like she got baby brain when she was pregnant with me and just never recovered. She's constantly coming up with clangers, calling things the wrong name, using words in amusingly wrong context, or generally just saying something weird but thats part of her appeal. She's also exceedingly kind, unslefish with her time and generous with her money ( which is greatly appreciated by our little family, from time to time ). It warms my heart to see that now, in her late 40's, she's starting to find the confidence that she was lacking in my childhood ( the legacy, unfortunately, of her own mother ), both as a mother and as a woman. I'm sure she'll never be truley zen but she's far less uptight now then she was when i was growing up. The whole, new, relaxed attitude becomes her.

So this mothers day i wanted to say thanks to mum for being the type of mum that i can hold up as an example of the kind of mother i would like to be. Kind of funny, sometimes weird, but 100% loving in every way....


  1. I love this honest description of your mum, she sounds a little bit like mine!!

  2. What an awesome post. I think I fully started appreciating my mum when I became a mother too.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Your mum looks like one cool chick! I loved reading this post xx