Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Days of Music - Days 15 + 16

Good morning and welcome again to the veritable jukebox of hits that is my version of the 30 Days of Music challenge ( as found on Facebook. Search it ). I think, now that i'm halfway through, i'm pretty much set on doing a post every second day, and combining the two prompts. Anyhoodle:
Day 15 - The song you hate the most
Gawd there are a lot of songs i really do not like. And they change too - sometimes a song comes out that i hate and then it grows on me, sometimes i love a song the first time i hear it and then they play it 10 million times until it grates on my nerves. Oh, and some artists are like that too - some stuff i like, some i cant stand. One such artist is Britney Spears. I'd say 98% of the time her music falls into the " stuff i think is shite " category ( though her new one is pretty damn catchy ) and its been that way since the "Hit Me Baby ( One More Time )" days. So - one specific song of hers that i just really hate?
Yuck. The whole earnest sentiment she's going for here just made me nauseous. Yuck, yuck, fake, yucky yuck.

Day 16 - Post a song from your favourite band/artist.
Easy - even though most people only know them for a handful of songs that made the chart my favourite band of all-time is The Goo Goo Dolls. Their album " Dizzy Up The Girl " was like a drug for me during high school - i played 3 or 4 times a week at least, everytime i felt sad or depressed, and i just wanted to share it with everybody. It was just so profoundly "me " back then ( even though some of the subject matter - you know, like heroin addiction and abortion - had no personal meaning to me at all ). So, lets go with my favourite track off that album -
Even though " Iris " spoke much better FOR me, " Name " was everything i wanted for someone to say TO me, and Johnny Rzezniks voice just felt so raw and honest. I know this all sounds really "music snob" and like i'm trying really hard to be a Rollingstone reviewer but thats just how this song was for the over-thinking, sensitive, depressed teenage girl i was. Listen to it, hear it and then try not to love it....


  1. Nope not snobby at all. Music is personal, and should reflect you, not what popular culture thinks you should like. Brittany is kind of like the friend you think you don't like but always invite because you feel sorry for her huh?

  2. Totally my least favourite Britney song too. It's just cringeworthy.