Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Days of Music - Days 21 + 22

Alrighty - so now that Blogger is back online i can get back to my 30 Days of Music challenge ( which admittedly, is being stretched across, like, 2 months ). So todays prompts were  a bit of a challenge - let me explain :
Day 21 - A song that, for you, is a guilty pleasure.
Alright, so to me " guilty pleasure " would mean that its a song that maybe no-one else likes and you should be just a little bit embarrassed about liking. Well, when i think shame and embarrassment, i think Ke$ha....
However, i quite like this song. I think its because its catchy and the film clip is hilarious ( hey, James Van Der "Douche "! ) but if anyone asked me i'd say " Kesha? Hell no - what a talentless, skanky-looking hack ! ". So just let me bop around to this song and dont give away my secret, ok?

Day 22 - The song that gets stuck in your head the most.
The song that gets stuck in my head the most? There is no such thing. Lots of song get stuck in my head once i hear them, but there is no specific song that just worms itself into my brain and stays there constantly. So, let me just post the song that is stuck in my head at the moment, thanks to Mick who was singing it while he washed the dishes this morning...

" Be With You " by Mr Big... i was a little kid when this came out yet i think i know every word ( except what the rest of them are singing in harmony during the curious. Indecipherable! ). And i dont know where Mick heard this to just randomly start singing it this morning but there you go.... have a listen and let it get stuck in your head too!

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