Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very Versatile

Its been a while since this has happened - but would you believe i've been given a blog award? Apparently the lovely Ames over at Tutu Ames thinks i'm a " Versatile Blogger " and has bestowed a beautiful award and badge upon my little blog. Of course, when accepting prestigious blog awards such as this one, it is customary to complete the attached meme..... which happens to be along the " 7 Things You Dont Know About Me " line of things. Is it possible, after 500-odd blog posts, that there is still random crap i'm yet to share with you? Perhaps. Maybe. Probably not. With that in mind, here are the 7 little tidbits i've come up with, which may or may not already be old news....

1. Sometimes, on a Saturday afternoon, when there is nothing else to do.... i watch WWE wrestling with Mick. I dont avidly and excitedly watch it - like some little and not-so-little boys i know - but if its on i dont mind having a sneaky peek at some of the hard bodies and "athletic entertainment ". Dont be alarmed though because i know its not real.

2. I dont drink coffee, and i dont drink "normal " tea. I dont mind herbal teas from time to time and i love me a chai latte, but i cannot think of anything worse than downing a cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, the smell of strong coffee makes me gag. Yuck!

3. My top 3 favourite films from my childhood are - " The Princess Bride ", " The Never-Ending Story " and " Annie ". Apparently, even when i was a little kid, i didnt find over-the-top slap stick funny. Give me princesses, flying dragons, singing oprhans and true love any day!

4. My feet are a size bigger after being pregnant. Even so, i still only wear an Australian size 6-7. Apparently i have small feet ( pity my waist/hip/bum ratio is not in direct correlation to my feet... )

5. I work in the main street of my town and, believe you me, i get to see some interesting things out my office window - people with crazy hair, near misses when people dont check their mirrors whilst reversing, kids starting fights.... hell, just today i witnessed a bus pull in too close to the kerb and crash into the bus shelter!

6. I am organising my 10 year high school reunion for later this year. Well, me and one other of my former classmates. To be honest, i dont really want to, but 2 years ago there was a rumour going around that i would do the organising when the time came ( i still have no idea where this rumour started... ) but now that we're almost halfway through the year and no-one else has volunteered, i figure i better do it or it just wouldnt get done. My former best friend was keen to help two years ago - guess who is strangely absent from our small planning committee? My major worry now is that myself and the other girl will put in the effort to have a nice little get-togther and a) no-one will show up or b) no-one will enjoy it....

7. My best friend while i lived in America, F, has just had a baby. F is Brazilian and her fiance is Lithiuanian ( they were foreign students when they met... ) so they have named their baby girl Aleksa. Isnt that beautiful? Even though i havent seen them since late 2005 and in all likelihood will not see them for a long time to come, i still love F with all my heart. We just clicked - it seemed that though we were from different countries, different upbringings, different ages... at least we were different together in a place that was different for both of us. I wish we lived in the same country again so i could have a proper "best friend ", especially after last years debacle with my ex-BFF. Now all i gotta do is wait for the pics of how cute Aleksa looks in the clothes i sent her!

So there you go. The other part of the rules is i need to bestow this award on some of the blogs i've discovered and loved lately. So if you are one of the following people - you win!
1. Polly at A Working Mothers Chatter
2. Melissa at Suger Coat It
3. Kate at A Home For Ida


  1. Awww Amy Im honoured and touched to have you choose me.

    And I have two things to say in response to your random points.

    1. My workmate's husband and son were standing under that bus shelter the other day but thankfully got away ok.

    2. I once told my husband if he found me Annie on DVD (this was years ago before we were engaged/married etc) I would love him forever. Guess what I got that Christmas. Its my absolute favourite.

  2. I'm with you on the tea side of things. I can't stand 'normal' tea but Chai is AMAZING!! I can't stand strong coffee either and the smell of Gloria Jeans turns my stomach every time.

    I really liked your points :) You definitely deserve your award! Thanks for playing along.

  3. I'm not planning my ten year reunion,, but it's coming up. I'm not sure if I want to go or not. I'd have to travel to Arizona to attend.

  4. Oh wow Amy, thanks!
    BTW - coffee - my husband won't drink coffee (much to my consternation, I love it), it is the smell for him too that he doesn't like.