Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 17 + 18

Woo hoo - well and truly past the half way now! I have traditionally not been very good at sticking with these types of continuous memes and even though these posts arent generating the comments i hoped they would, i'm still going strong. So, anyhoo....
Day 17 - A song you want to share with the world
Its called " Falling Slowly " and its from a little indie film called " Once ". The reason i want to share it is because its such a sweet, beautiful song and whenever i mention it and the film it came from everyone goes " Huh? Never heard of it ". So even though it won an Academy Award for Best Song and should therefore be better known ( one would think... ) i feel like so many people are missing out. So, as Molly Meldrum would say - do yourself a favour and have a listen to this one...

Day 18 - A song that makes you want to sing out loud?
Seriously, over the years there have been literally hundreds of osngs that have made me want to sing out loud, and i quite often have ( just so's you know, the best place for singing out loud is alone in your car. Apologies to all the other drivers on the road out there that have been witness to one of my impromptu concerts ). Funnily enough though the first one that came to mind when i read this prompt was " I Like It Loud " by Cassie Davis...
Its a good pop song - as opposed to all the crappy generic stuff i dont like at all - and i really appreciate a good pop song. Plus its all girl-power and party-hard and a really great song for putting on when your getting ready for a night out. Love a bit of shouty girl pop!


  1. cool choices

    I have never heard of the first one, as you said i would say! so thanks for sharing it, and the film too

    gill xo

  2. Loving this meme Amy. Don't quit. I love hearing other peoples musical tastes.