Friday, May 13, 2011

Winter Is...

.... the smell of wood heaters permeating the neighbourhood air.
.... cold and flu and croup and yucky, yucky germs.
....tracky-daks and ugg boots, curled up on the lounge with a good book.

....casseroles and curries slow-cooked over 8 hrs, tender meat and creamy sauces leaving you salivating for more. Friday night and Sunday afternoon rugby league on tv. Or, my head in a book.
.... warm, cake-y desserts, dense and sweet, like the self-saucing caramel and apple pudding i made last night.

.... coats and scarves and boots and beanies to keep warm in.
....putting on flannelette pyjamas and snuggling into a bed warmed by electric blankets.
.... hiring a dvd and snuggling together under a blanket on rainy weekend afternoons.
What is winter to you?


  1. You made winter sound so delightful... except the colds. One thing that I would add to the list is sitting in front of the warm open fire with a knitting/crochet project at hand. That's what I will be doing tonight.

  2. At the moment, Germs and Rugby....

  3. Slow cooker meals, scarves and hot chocolate :)

  4. At the moment, 6 months away! But when it is winter, pretty much the same as you. I think I tend to romanticise winter in my head a bit and then feel shocked when the germs, freezing rain and inability to dry clothes hits. I still hold a warm place in my heart for those snuggly moments though :-)