Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crazy In Love

Let me pose a question to all my married readers - did you find yourself more in love with your husbands in the few weeks before your wedding?

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I ask because for the past fortnight or so i've been so incredibly attracted to my fiance that its distracting. Not just physically attracted either - though mind you he is one gorgeous hunk of man and we've been a little more vigorous *ahem* in the boudoir in the past few weeks than we have for a while - but i find myself wondering what he's doing during the day, wishing we didnt have to go to work just so we could hang together, and almost bursting with love and joy at the way he interacts with his son. And then i watch the way Flynn behaves, the crazy, sweet, knuckle-headed little things he does and the little boy he's turning into and i love his father more because i know his influence is at play.

So it is unusual, this whole "falling deeper " into love thing? Is it just a pre-honeymoon period and all this lovey dovey-ness will wear off by the time we get back from our time away? Did it happen to you?


  1. lol I love your comment - been a little more vigorous in the boudoir - I laughed out loud with that one :)

    I'm not married yet (7 months to go) but I can understand the feeling of being more in love. I think it is because the wedding is a symbol of everything you love about your partner, so you are always focusing on that in the lead up to the big day.

    But omg how exciting - less than a month for you to wait!!

    Talitha xx

  2. It's hard for me to say because Rich and I got married so early in our relationship that we were still in that intense stage anyway. But certainly as the wedding got closer, we spent little time apart. I think it's such a huge thing to embark on, no matter how long you've been together, that it's natural to feel that draw. Enjoy it!

  3. You know I can't remember, isn't that sad. But I do remember feeling giddy with happiness, knowing how right getting married was, feeling content and secure. We have our ups and downs but those feelings are still there after nearly 7 years of marriage, so thats a good thing right?!

  4. I definitely know what you mean and had the same thing. I think it's because in planning a wedding and counting down to it you're forced to really reflect on your relationship and all the reasons why you've made the commitment to be together.

    I kinda have a similar feeling at the moment counting down the last few weeks before D-day, feeling so much love towards my husband and this precious gift we've created together.