Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damn You YouTube!

A short note - due to the fact that i told Mick that watching videos on YouTube is entirely free, but did not explain that every video of a tractor pull that you watch adds to our download limit, we are now already over said limit for the month. Why am i telling you this you ask? Firstly to warn you about the evils of YouTube ( although it is also, simultaneously, entirely awesome and thats why you get addicted to it in the first place ) but also to let you know that if i post less in the next two weeks, or comment less on your blogs, it is not because i've fallen into a black hole. No, it is only because my internet connection, having gone over its 3MB per month limit, is now subject to " slowed connection speed " which means i may lose patience with how long it is taking for your page to load and just give up.

Now, please enjoy this picture of a tractor. I may direct Mick to my page and he can stare at this picture as long as he likes, instead of watching endless video of tractor races...


  1. He seriously watches tractor races?

    and there are THAT many videos of tractor races on YouTube?

    Wow. I don't spend much time on YouTube, obviously!

  2. @Gigi - yes, he does. My fiance used to be a farmer who moved off the land and into the 'burbs to be with me. He misses some of that lifestyle i suppose...tractors included!

  3. David and I saw a tractor race and a combine demolition derby on ESPN the other day. We had no idea such a thing existed. It did not prompt me to go looking for you tube videos

  4. I guess looking at tractors is better then looking at other things...;. What men find amusing?!

    Amy I am so sad to hear about your grandparents and hope Flynn has a better relationship with his. Lucky for me what my parents lack (greatly) my grandparents make up for! I love reading your blog..especially on Friday's :)