Saturday, August 7, 2010

Goof Troop!

Time again for another challenge over at Blog This!. This week is a photographic challenge entitled " Goofing Around ":
Come on! We all do it! Show it, flaunt it!
So, in the spirit of all things goofy, here you go:

Thats my sister and i on our first annual Sisters Day - 2008 i believe. Yep, thats right, we invented our own holiday. We buy each other a present and spend the day together ( if we can ) to celebrate our sisterly type relationship. If you feel ripped off that you havent yet celebrated and you actually have a sister - Sisters Day is on June 15th every year. Go goof troop!


  1. I am DEFINITELY going to start celebrating sister's day! what an awesome idea! :)

  2. what a great idea and with four sisters I am thinking we would have a ball!How special is that sisterly days ;p

  3. oh yes! any excuse for another holiday!!

    hey - would love to profile you & your blog for a Member Monday post on Blog This! if you're keen, email me becehem(at}gmail[dot)com.

  4. This year we had our inaugural sisters weekend. Was so much fun and will now happen every year.