Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flip Offs Time

Time again for Friday Flip Offs, brought to you by Gigi over at KludgyMom. Seeing as i'm not feeling to good tonight, lets make this quick:

To whatever bug i happen to have right now - my stomach is aching and is tied up in knots. I have not appreciated having to run to the toilet umpteen bloody times today, on top of only having 2 hours sleep last night with a fussy baby-child. Also, the muscle pain in my back and legs is not doing me any favours. I have to take a 3 hour roadtrip out to my brother-in-laws tomorrow so if you could see fit to bugger right off overnight ( otherwise we'll need to stop at every dodgy rest stop in every small town on the way, which would make it more like a 4 hour road trip ... ) that would be great. Take your germy, bug-gy self and FLIP OFF!

To the blonde girl in front of me at Zumba -  you're lucky i didnt grab you by your ponytail and kick you up the arse. You werent a "young " girl so you should have known better but pointing and laughing at the lady with Downs Syndrome at the front of the class is so not cool. So what if she isnt totally co-ordinated or in time with the instructor? She's there, she's having fun and she's giving the whole Zumba thing a go, so i say good on her and spit on you for being so juvenile as to make fun of her with your friend. Grow the fork up, wipe that stupid grin off your face, do the class with a semblance of maturity or FLIP OFF!

To the weather - seriously, you could fine up a bit? Three weeks of constant rain and/or cold weather is dragging me down. I cant take Flynn out for a walk, i have to run my heater all day which is costing me big monies in electricity bills and i just want to be able to get some sun on my skin. Next week is the official start of spring so take the cue and get your sunshine on. Rain, cold, wind - FLIP OFF!


  1. That girl in zumba class sounds like a horrible horrible person. I wish you HAD pulled her hair!

  2. Zumba Blondie deserves a Zumba fly kick to the head ... Hope you're feeling better soon peach x

  3. Visiting from Friday Flip-Offs! First, sorry about your tummy bug, that stinks.
    Second, I would have yanked that girls pony tail too! What a witch!
    Third, I feel you on the weather. I am way the other direction in Texas where God keeps the sun blazing most of the year. Great flips!

  4. You totally should have pulled that chick's ponytail. Shame on her mother for not teaching her some kindness.

    Get better soon, girl!

  5. omg, I want to hurt that lady at Zumba. You should have pulled her ponytail, thrown her on the floor and stepped on her. that just totally pisses me off

  6. I hope you were super contagious at zumba but didn't know it and the blonde idiot bitch gets your bug tenfold and vomits in her hair.

    Hope you recover quickly - I had a yucky bug last week and was NOT impressed.

    friday flip offs are fun - I'm so playing next week

  7. Hope you are feeling better and I so know what you mean about the weather, until Sunday I thought I would lose my mind.