Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Important Victory

So - i've had a muy crappy weekend. Our roadtrip to Mick's brothers didnt go too badly, but Mick spent the majority of his time out in the yard working on his car alongside his brother, my SIL had all her housework to do, and they live in a town in the middle of nowhere ( population approximately, umm, about 35 ) - consequently i spent all of the weekend with Flynn attached to me and four other small children asking me 10 million questions and getting right up in Flynns face. Oh, and dont forget the ( continued ) stomach bug that saw me spend quality time with the toilet, the sore left boob which isnt co-operating with the whole weaning thing and feels like i have a leaking brick in my bra, and the fact that i havent had time to shave my legs for two weeks which is making me feel decidely unfeminine.

But forget all that - today is a new day, and the start of a new week! Which, after last weekends fever that saw me take Mr Flynn to the hospital ( over 39 degrees after Nurofen, diagnosed as a viral infection... ) and subsequent week of irritiability, clinginess and only going to sleep if someone was touching him ( which means he was back in our bed again ) means.... the reimplimentation of Project Sleepy-time. I'd call it OST Mach 3, but it isnt really Mach 3 - its the same thing i was doing before, i just need to get Flynn back into the rhthym of it, after his bad, bad, BAD week. And i've won an important victory - i've managed to get him to fall asleep in his own bed for his nap this morning, and it only took 2 attempts and a combined 1 hour, 10 minutes to do it! Hurray for me! I'm hoping that means his afternoon nap will be a little easier, and that he'll get the hint and sleep in his own bed tonight. Last night was so not comfortable with two small feet in my back and the aforementioned swollen,leaking, brick boob in front.

And thank you to the few of you who offered suggestions for breaking my bloggers block. I've taken them on board and will probably blog about all of them. I'll need to think for a while on a few of them ( ahem, that means the guide to Australian-ness Paula ) and there is one that is long overdue.
Yes, an update on Operation Slimdown has been a long time coming. Truth be told i've been putting it off because the whole Operation was not having much success. However, after a few weeks of Zumba class i've noticed that my pants are fitting more comfortably and hell, after the weekends stomach bug, i may just have lost a kilo or two down the toilet *....

*TMI ? Yes. True? Probably. The only postive to contracting a stomach bug? Absolutely.


  1. That does sound like a pretty crappy weekend!! Here's hoping your week is much better!!
    Good luck with project sleep..hope it works but for now YAY you won this battle!! I used to (ok still do) jump around when he goes down without a fight. I still find the afternoon is the biggest fight with Coops.

  2. Sounds like things are starting to look up for you after a few rough weeks lovely, yay! x

  3. Ive always said that a good tummy bug was a surefire way to get those kgs moving!!!!

    In all seriousness, I wish you well with getting Flynn back to his own bed, we have one little boy who loves crawling in the middle of us in the middle of the night so I can certainly understand the pain of feet in the back/head/tummy etc!!!

  4. Good luck with OST. I'm getting ready to start my own. Next Monday, Grayson has a date with the crib. I'm hoping it works, because after last nights horrible night of sleep, I need some rest. Really, really need some sleep.