Monday, August 9, 2010

Excuse Me While I Rant A While....

What in the freaking hell is wrong with people?
I have come across two news articles in the last two days that have made my blood boil, and made me vigourously shake my head at the gall, insensitivity and stupidity of some people. I'd say " of some humans " but i dont think these examples ( at least in the first story ) can be classified as human.

Why do i say that? Earlier today i was reading the daily news on and read about two small children having acid splashed in their faces. Their mother was just walking them through a carpark when two " youths " just tipped an acid-like liquid off the roof and onto the children, who are now in hospital being treated for chemical burns. Its thought that this was a completely random incident, rather than a deliberate attack... so what in the hell? What kind of person just decided one day " hey, maybe i'll throw acid on someone today ? " It would be wrong enough if it was a revenge attack or something like that, but to just randomly want to throw chemicals at someone? And small children no less? That families life is changed for the negative now. I would assume there will be countless medical procedures, treatments to be kept up at home, and physical deformities that will no doubt see them stared at in public and teased at school. And for what ? So some sadistic arseholes could get their jollies? And the bit that gets me the most is that you know the justic system in Australia will fail these people. If those " youths " happen to be minors they'll cop a year or two in the juvenile system ( at the most ) and then be allowed back into society. Its more likely though they'll get a slap on the wrist, some community service, and made promise not to do it again. It.Makes.Me.Sick.

And on to scum bucket #2 - this Canadian woman who faked cancer so that she could swindle people out of charity money. Thats right, a woman who figured an easy way to make cash and be given free holidays was to fake a serious illness and prey on the sympathies of other people. Cancer is yet to touch the lives of anyone in my immediate family ( thank goodness ) but its universally known that cancer is a horrible illness, that causes much pain and suffering, both to those who are burdened with the disease and their families. Yet somehow this woman thought nothing of shaving her head, plucking her eyebrows right off and losing weight so that she could " benefit " from cancer and the generous charity it would afford her. That a human being could live in this world and know as much about cancer as we do, and STILL scam people in this way is beyond my scope of understanding. She claims she did it not for the money but for the attention, to be noticed. For fucks sake lady, dye your freaking hair! Wear a mini skirt! Do a nudie run around your local mall! Falsifying cancer is a despicable thing to do.

So i guess my basic question is why ? What has happened in society that people are not only coming up with these disgusting ideas, but acting upon them ? And if these are lines people are willing to cross, where does it all stop?


  1. That acid incident reminds me of a story here that I think happened in Washington DC..I can't remember. Some teenagers thought it would be funny to put razor blades on a slide in a children's park. A 3 year old boy was the one who suffered. Horrible..Just awful. I don't know why people do such awful things to one another.

  2. Hmmm. As I hear it on Twitter, there was actually an Aussie blogger guilty of running a cancer scam a few months back. Hurt a lot of people. Disgusting.

    On another note, your button is not working :( The image source is not picking up? I'm guessing it's because the photos hosted through blogger, and it won't pull it to other sites.

    So... try uploading it to Flickr or Google Picasa Web Albums, then replace the image source and let me know so I can test it ;)

    Oh, and have you heard of Picnik..? You might like it!

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  3. That makes me sick.

    There was a girl who got acid tipped on her in the cinema when I was a kid, and I was (am) so paranoid about sitting next to strangers in the cinema.

    I will never understand when things like that happen.

  4. I remember the story about the cinema and the waterslide, both still make me shudder. There are nasty people in this world, I guess that never changes.