Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm A Quirky Turkey!

Its time again for another Blog This! challenge. This weeks challenge is asking:
Share with your readers three things you do every day without fail. Your little quirks.

Or focus on one. How did you come to do it/them?
Does anyone think it's funny or strange?
Do YOU love it or not?

You'd think that for someone who is self-proclaimed as " quirky " that this one should be easy for me. But the more i thought about it, the less i could come up with. Sure i have my quirks, but there isnt so much that i do religiously, obsessive-compulsively, day-to-day. The only thing that i do do every day - and if i dont do it, i feel out of sorts - is get on the internet, very first thing in the morning.

See, I HAVE to check at least my email/Facebook/blog before ( i whilst ) i eat my breakfast, otherwise the whole day just feels off to me. This habit started when i was working as an au pair in the US - i had to be up and ready to start work at 8am, but because of the time difference between New Jersey and Australia, first thing in the morning was the best time to catch my family and friends online. So i'd get up just before 7am, shower, and then eat my breakfast in front of the computer, checking to see if i'd received any good emails, or if any of my loved ones were on MSN Messenger ( yes, Messenger. How old school of me ). I didnt have Facebook back in 2005, nor a blog, but i participated in forums on a site called Bolt ( which i dont think even exists anymore ) and on Hi5. I'd check all that type of stuff and then head to the kitchen to get breakfast for the boys, make school lunches for the older two, and send them on their way.

I found its been a tough habit to break, which is why its one of my quirks now. I give Flynn a breastfeed absolute first thing, but after that his happy to sit and play on his mat for 20 minutes or so while i jump on the net. If i cant get on the net - like my provider has screwed up again ( that means you, Telstra ) or im away from home and dont have web access - i just feel a little out of sorts. Anxious even, until i get a chance to peek into my inbox, or check on blog comments. Its not like i have anything majorly important to look forward to, not like the world would end if i didnt get my pre-breakfast internet fix, but then most quirks are like that. Trivial. I guess thats what makes them quirks....


  1. We have a laptop. I'm known to sit on the couch and surf the net while Grayson nurses. I've become quite good at one handed typing.

  2. My husband does this... I have made a rule recently that he's not to be on the net while we're eating, but now I feel bad, lol.

  3. I couldn't think of any quirks for myself - I didn't think of my internet addiction as a quirk!

    I also get online WHILE I'm feeding Charlotte. My lap top has been set up on the coffee table since the early days after her birth. I click through facebook and emails while she munches away.

    I hate being away from the net - I spent the weekend at mum's recently and made sure I still got online to at least check the basics.

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