Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feeling So Blahhhhhh.....

I have totally been hit by bloggers block. And my timing couldnt be worse - just as Blog This! has me as a featured blogger and i've totally run out of things to say. ( If you're visiting here from Blog This! i'm not usually this dull. Please check back next week and i promise i'll have come up with something ). I mean, there are a few rant-ish type things i could say but i'm saving those for Friday Flip Offs, and a few things happening with Mr Flynn but i dont much feel like doing a Mummy post this week.

Which has left me with nada. Bubkiss. Zilch. So i'm turning it over to you - what do you want me to write about ? Are there any burning questions you want to ask me? Give me a hand here people!


  1. We've all been there and wow, congrats for being the featured blogger for Blog This, that's fantastic! I have no questions for you I'm afraid, I'm in the same boat as you. It will come back, just give it some time.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you - Bloggers block! about an update on Operation Slim down? or your feelings on heading back to paid employment?

    I know...fat lot of help I was hey? LOL!

  3. I get hit by that sometimes too. It's quite annoying actually.

    I thought everyone celebrated Halloween! I love Halloween. I never really thought that no one else celebrated it.

  4. Um . . . ideas . . . embarrassing moments, bad dating stories (from the days before you met your soulmate, obviously), slagging off celebrities the way you did with Lady GG . . .

    Ooooh ooooh!!! You could do a guide to being Australian, like my Guide to Scottishness!!! :)

  5. love that someone else was willing to share that they have a block too! but look you still managed to say something :)Naomi