Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Flip Off Time

Like i said last week, i dont think anyone is hosting Friday Flip Offs anymore but i've enjoyed doing them so they are ( for now ) staying a permanent fixture on my blog. Its a light-hearted type of carthasis for me, so i only see fit to keep it going. On to this week:

To my state manager, The Bell - as i put it to my father today: i hate you, i hate your guts. I have no idea how you came to be in your position of relative power because you have zero people skills and only the barest of empathies for your employers. You have known since December of last year that i intended on returning to work in the first week of October. It is only now, 2 weeks before my intended return from maternity leave, that you have decided to throw a spanner in the works. It is so typical of you to operate this way - you've done it before - and, frankly, it shits me to tears. If it were a viable option ( which it isnt right now ) i'd quit and find myself another job.  And i may yet do that, in time - at which point you will be politely told to FLIP OFF!

To the half dozen people who have overtaken me in a school zone whilst speeding - you are idiots. The speed limit in a school zone in NSW is 40lm/h there fore it is not only illegal to round me up doing at least 70km/h ( dickhead... ) but stupid and dangerous aswell. I dont know whether you're in a big rush to get somewhere or you just think you wont get caught but whatever the reason, its not going to be good enough when you hit a little kid who is trying to get across the road to school. Grow up and stop speeding, you wankers - go FLIP OFF!

To the two women who have dismissed my idea of going to Tresillian - screw you both. I know one of you actually entertained the idea of going herself with her youngest child, so i dont know where your attitude is coming from. The second one just thinks she is damn Superwoman or something. She can take her idea of how to make a baby settle ( " just turn him on his side, leave the room and let him cry, doesnt matter if its for 3 or 4 hours " !!!! ) and shove it up her damn jumper. What kind of mother does that? I've tried controlled crying, and i'm not a big fan, but even that technique doesnt leave a baby alone to cry for hours on end. Neglectful much? So to both of you, with your ideas of what is a waste of time and what is not needed FLIP OFF!


  1. Four hours!!!!???? That's a bit much. I cant stand to let Grayson cry for more than 15 minutes. I wouldn't dream of letting him scream for 4 hours. Poor baby probably falls asleep from being in distress.

  2. some managers should really just suck a dill pickle.

  3. @Dazee - ha! I couldnt have said it better myself...

  4. Id be devastated if there were no more flip offs from you Amy - they are the highlight of my week!