Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2/52 - Beating The Heat

Tully taking the plunge in Grandma and Poppys bathroom sink.

Unless you've been living under a rock - a very HOT rock! - you would know its been rather warm around these parts lately. Heatwave kind of warm. Unless we're out in public, my children have been living practically naked.... One lolling about in just a nappy, the other running around in just his undies. But when lazing under the air con in just your unmentionables doesn't quite cut it, what's a baby to do? Well she strips right down and takes a dip in her grandparents bathroom sink. Complete with light filtering in the opaque window behind her head, which kind of gives her a halo-type glow and makes her look like an angel. A tiny, chubby, naked angel.

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  1. Gorgeous, yep we are a house of cute little tooshes at the moment too.

  2. Oh, definitely a gorgeous little angel, that's for sure!