Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wish Me Luck - I'm Gonna Need It!

This week my sons day carer ( or ' daycare Mum ' as we refer to her ) goes on holidays. This means a full week of having Flynn at home with Tully and I and I will freely admit - I'm cacking my dacks a little. This is akin to the dreaded school holidays for mums of older kids but its not so much the thought of having two children at home at once that's got me running scared - hell, I do that all the time! - its the pressure of keeping Flynns little temper in check ( and, in turn my own ) that's worrying me.

No daycare for a week? Argh!

I mentioned a few posts ago that Flynns behaviour has gone haywire in the last month or so. Don't get me wrong, he's still a gorgeous, friendly little boy, but he's really starting to push the boundaries of what is and isn't acceptable. And what's bugging me the most is his tiny little temper - he isn't throwing many foot-stomping-scream-his-chops-off tantrums. No, my boy is using his words to their full, hurtful effect. Oh yes, at 3 years old, he has learned, and will use, the dreaded ' I hate you! ', followed by a arch off to his room and the slamming of his door. 

At first, it really hurt me. On our road trip home from Sydney a fortnight ago he said ' I hate you Mum! ' 23 times. I know - I counted. I cried. I dropped him at my parents to have a sleepover because I couldnt be near him for one more second. But after a chat with my dad - the wise old parenting owl that he is - I am trying to ignore the nasty things Flynn has been saying, to turn them around, or distract from them by changing the subject. I think it is starting to work but there has still been a period of everyday for the last two weeks where I have either wanted to burst into tears or throw my son in a box and mail him to China.

So I'm kind of apprehensive going into this week, but I'm trying to stay positive by giving us a 'fun ' activity to do everyday. Today is craft day ( I'm going to bust out the PlayDoh I hid at Xmas, and go crazy with a glue stick and coloured paper ), Wednesday he has asked to make Elmo cupcakes, and Thursday we're going to take a do at the local town pool. I'm going to hope and wish that we manage to stay friends for the week, and that Flynn's ' listening ears ' miraculously stay working the entire time too. Wish me luck!


  1. Try as hard as you can not to take it personally, they really don't mean it, just frustrated at the situation and unfortunately we as mums cop it. Ol tells me mst days he arts me, I now respond with "I know" 5 minutes later he is back cuddling and saying sorry. This is a very difficult age, do what you need to get through it.

  2. It's horrible. Alexander is a lot like me, he can't bear to say anything hurtful, no matter how he feels. Sammy however. "Well I don't LIKE you" is used often, and to great effect. It makes Alexander cry every single time. :( It makes me want to cry.

  3. Good luck - hope it goes well! ;-)

  4. I hope it goes well Amy, I can't imagine how frustrating and hurtful that must be. I admit I see a few of those moments in my future if Mia's current behaviour is anything to go by!