Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear Flynn, Aged 3 Years - Happy Birthday!

Dear Flynn,
A week and a bit ago you turned 3 years old - Mummy can hardly believe that you've only been around for 3 years because it seems like you've been with us forever! Even though 3 years is such a relatively short time, I'm amazed at how much bigger and older you seem to have grown in the year since your last birthday.

We started out the year with a visit from the Dummy Fairy - getting rid of those dummies was just one step of many you took this year changing from toddler to ' big boy '. You started preferring showers to baths ( after Daddy convinced you that a shower is really just an upside down sprinkler ), you can drink from a normal cup like a big kid ( even though you still spill a little and  prefer a sippy cup most of the time ) and the big one - you mastered potty training! It was a bloody long and frustrating process but you now wear your big boy undies all day and you use the toilet - oh yes, TOILET, not potty! - all by yourself. We haven't quite started night training yet but I'm sure you'll take to it with ease.

You also became a big brother this year, which has been quite the game changer for you. You went through an a period of adjustment of course, one where you personified the word ' sook ', and a few times you've driven Mummy and Daddy completely up the wall, but mostly you've been awesome. You are a great big brother and your little sister adores you. Every morning you tell Tully that she's a great sister, or a beautiful princess, or that she is your little puddin' ' and she looks for you when you aren't here. The way you love her, and the way you help me look after her, makes Mummy and Daddy so proud.

Just as a quick aside - those little cogs in your head have been turning lately, and I think you've realised you can push peoples buttons to get a reaction. I know its natural to explore those boundaries but STOP DOING IT. I love your guts but if you keep up with the ratbag behaviour you may not make it to 4 years old! ( Kidding. Of course you will. You just might have to move in with Grandma and Poppy though ).
Love your guts little man, so so sooooo stinking much!
Your Mama

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  1. Happy birthday Flynn! Izzy turned 3 just before Christmas and, like you, I can't believe it's only been 3 years. You're right in that the change from 2 to 3 is huge isn't it! They develop so much and so quickly it's quite unnerving at times! And I'm glad I'm not the only dealing with a boundary testing, button pushing ratbag at the moment!

  2. The boundary testing drove me nuts. They do get over it eventually :) The photo in the bath is so cute. Rachel xx

  3. Happy birthday to little Flynn, my nephew is called Flynn, such a great name. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful year ahead for you all.

    Oh and welcome to the fun that is IBOT, so lovely to have you join in #teamIBOT

  4. He just gets cuter by the day Amy. And that bath photo? The gorgeousness of it is killing me!

    Happy Birthday to Flynn, can't wait to hear all about the next year of his life.

  5. Happy birthday Flynn, be kind to your mummy, ok?

  6. Such a lovely letter. I love how we can make beautiful memories for our children through our blogs. Happy Birthday Flynn! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Flynn!
    Had to giggle at the button pushing bit. That sounds so much like my little mate :)

  8. I love these sorts of posts...they are always my favourite!

    That Cookie Monster cake looks great! The cookie coming out of the mouth is a nice touch.
    And I wish I could just snap my fingers and have Toddler C potty trained...we haven't even started yet and already I am over it!