Monday, January 14, 2013

I Wore A Bikini In Public And Lived To Tell The Tale

OK, so it was actually a tankini - the point is that I wore my swimmers in public, in front of strangers, without the cloak of a T-shirt or boardies, and the world didn't end. Time did not stop while everyone pointed and laughed at my post baby body. In fact, I don't think anybody even noticed and if they did, they certainly didn't care.

Here I am. Jokes - my swimmers are blue! Oh, and that's a hippo.

I'll admit - I've never been supremely body confident. Even as a 6-day-a-week gym going size 10 I still had 'problem areas ' I'd rather not have shared with the general public ( hello there thighs! ). I've always worn board shorts to the beach or to the pool as a cover up, even if I looked a bit out of place amongst the locals in their string bikinis on trips to the coast. So when we were invited to a birthday pool party for Flynns little 'girlfriend' I asked myself the question - hmm, where are your trusty board shorts?

But then there was another little voice that piped up - who cares? Why couldnt I just wear a pair of swimmers to a party for a 3 yr old? I tossed up for a while - 5 months post baby and I am a size 12 and back to pre-baby weight but the pre-baby shape still alludes me. Normally I'm OK with that ( hell, I'm no celebrity busting to get back into shape within a week! )..... But in a pair of swimmers? This daughter of mine has left me with a few extra lumps, and bumps, and stretchy bits. Did I really need people seeing all that?

In the end, I decided that no, I didn't NEED them to see it - but if they caught a glimpse of dimpled thigh on my way into the water to swim with my children then so bloody what? Swimming and having fun with my kids in the 43 degree heat was more important to me than worrying about what a bunch of people I didn't really know thought of my generous booty. So I discreetly slipped my shorts off, carried my bubba girl the 2 metres or so to the pool and.... Nothing happened. Nobody booed, hissed, laughed, heckled or otherwise paid my boardie-less body any attention. And I was OK.

Perhaps I can say - fear conquered?
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  1. Good on you!! Love that you swallowed your fears and just went with it!


  2. Fantastic, that's a huge achievement, good on you Amy.

  3. Good on you - I want to not care too, hoping some of your new-found attitude can rub off on me too! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  4. Yay for you! There is nothing better than finding comfort in your own skin, lumps, bumps wobbly bits and all! Fairy wishes and butterfly kisske lovely

  5. Good for you !!!! I love it when I hear of people who are comfortable in their own skin. I am working really hard to get there !!
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  6. Oh good on you! I can't be without my board shorts yet. Just not comfortable enough in my own skin

  7. Nice work Amy! I have only ever gone without boardies since I was a kid and that was on my honeymoon, when I was in the best shape of my life, and an on a tiny little island with hardly any people. One day I hope to do it again and though, and do it with confidence!