Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

No, I haven't forgotten you. No, I didn't do the obligatory Christmas or New Years post - not because I forgot, but simply because in was too busy and a bit too lazy once I'd got all my other crap done. I've also just come home from a few days down in Sydney with my little family, which means not only did I have to unpack from the trip but I also still had all the Christmas and Flynns birthday chaos to contend with. Day 3 back from our road trip and my house is starting to resemble its normal self again. Which, mind you, is looking tidier than it has for a long time because I actually managed to stick with my cleaning schedule throughout December - yay me!

So - there are posts coming. Perhaps a late ' here are my adorable kiddies at Christmas! ', definitely a rundown of our trip with photo evidence and quite possibly a ' what i want for my birthday! ' post later in the month.

Oh - and hello 2013!


  1. Happy New year Amy, thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Woohoo, glad to have you back! I hope you had fun in Sydney!

    Happy New Year!