Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Gift Buying Family

Dear family members who may like to buy me a birthday gift,

Thanks for thinking of me! As you know my 29th birthday is coming up and I thought I could give you guys a hand by making you a quick little list of things I might like to be gifted this year. And no, its not a crazy hypothetical list like the one I did for Santa - these are real time, real place, things I actually would like to unwrap after some wicked indulgent birthday cake.( Wickedly indulgent birthday cake is NOT part of the list ).

First of all, I wouldn't mind getting a cute, comfy, set of PJs. This was actually prompted by a conversation I had with Flynn whereon he told me that's what he would like to get for me, but the more I thought on it, the more I thought it was a good idea. I like PJs, I like sleeping in PJs, I early morning cuddles with my babies in PJs, and I happen to currently be wearing two mismatched pairs, so a cute new set would be entirely wanted AND appropriate.

Next, the ' A Song of Ice and Fire ' series of books by George R. Martin - also known as the ' A Game of Thrones ' series. They were on my Christmas list but were one of the items that didn't quite make the Christmas cut. I'm kind of dying to watch the ' A Game of Thrones ' TV series but I refuse to watch it before I've read the books. If I don't receive the series for my birthday, I will be forced to buy them for myself, instead of spending more money on fabric at Spotlight. Mama does not want to lose her Spotlight money!

Lastly on the list - perhaps a voucher for a beauty treatment or a massage would be nice. Actually, how bout you combine those ideas and get me a pedicure and lower leg massage. Apparently Aquarians are supposed to suffer from ankle and lower leg ailments and I am so feeling that lately! Maybe its a leftover symptom from all the crappy circulation you have as a pregnant lady but my feet and ankles are killing me! You get me that pedicure/massage and jot only will I get some pain relief but I'll get pretty little toes-ies are aswell. May be with some sparkle?

And that be all. Of course I will accept gifts that are not on the list, this letter is simply to give you some direction. ( But not One Direction, because I'm not turning 12 and they kind of make me vomit in my mouth a little ).
Thanks a bunch,
The Impending Birthday Girl


  1. I think gifts for treatments such as pedicures and massages are the best kind of gift! For my 30th last year my Mum and sister got me a $250 voucher for a day spa just down the road from my house and I used half of it to get a 90 minute facial the other day. Haven't decided what to use the other half on yet but I have till the end of the month to use it so I am taking my time to decide.

    I hope you get everything on your list and more!

  2. That's an excellent list, I hope you get it all.